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What about free samples?

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The past year we've grown substantially. We've seen interest surrounding organic lip balm continue to grow - and we LOVE it! We are absolutely passionate about getting the word out about our amazing lip care products, but with that, we often get asked from customers...

"Do you offer free samples?"

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Here is why:

1. We Keep Our Prices Low

The majority of our balms are under $4 (some are under $3!). For being USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified and a brand that uses ethically-sourced ingredients, we're actually one of the cheapest natural lip care brands out there! We keep our prices affordable both in our retail locations and online (and even run monthly promotions and iBotta coupons) so everyone can experience the best lip balm FOR the world without breaking the bank.

2. We're Too Small of a Company

We're a small, family-owned lip balm company with just under 60 full-time employees. We work hard behind-the-scenes crafting, testing & packaging many different kinds of balm the most eco-friendly and effective way in our USDA Certified Organic facility. We go above-and-beyond to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers and retailers. While we'd love to give free products to everyone that asks, it is not a sustainable business model. We're simply too small at this time to be able to afford that luxury.

3. Shipping (Even Small Packages) Adds Up

That’s a hard cost to eat for a small business. Whether you buy 10 balms or 1 balm, the shipping price is the same (most of the time it's a flat $5). That is why free domestic shipping is minimum $50 on our website. By buying in bulk, it not only saves you money, but it does for us too, which allows us keep our prices affordable. It also greatly reduces our carbon footprint, which is a win for the planet!

Yes, we want you to try it it! We really do. Because we believe it’s the best lip balm out there.

And we are constantly searching for new ways to get it in people’s hands. Sample sizes have been something we've considered offering, but it’s just not feasible for us at this time. Thanks for understanding!

  • We DO offer variety & multi-packs plus bundles that end up saving you money! By buying them all together, you end up saving on separate shipping costs and also get a few cents off the actual product.
  • We DO run monthly discounts & giveaways.Check our social media accounts and subscribe to our email for chances to win FREE product and save on your orders!
  • We DO donate to many great causes and non-profit organizationsacross the country. From golf charities and 5Ks to music festivals and conservation efforts, our balm may end up in your swag bag!

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