12 Outdoor Adventure Essentials You Won't Want To Be Without

May 18, 2020 2 min read

Summer means camping, barbecues, hiking, swimming, kayaking and outdoor adventures. We've gathered up some of our favorite natural-minded outdoor must-haves & brands for your summertime festivities.

1.Eco Lips Lip Balm & Carabiner

Lip balm is a must for outdoor activities. Grab a few of your favorites (hello, SPF and Hemp!) and a carabiner for safe-keeping and convenience. Keep a few in your pack, purse or even in your back pocket for all your adventures.

(Credit: Adventure Sisters Unfiltered)

2. Alpine Start Foods & Stanley

Alpine fits in your pocket and is quicker than a Keurig to make. Try an instant coffee to start your morning complete with dairy-free instant creamer. Stanley, a well-known quality food & beverage gear company, keeps your goods hot (or cold!) with stainless steel technology.

3. Plant Snacks & Perfect Snacks

Need a grab 'n go snack that's high protein and nutritious? Plant Snacks are 100% vegan and made of cassava roots and free of 8 big allergens. Great for picnics! Perfect Bar is the ultimate hiking or kayaking nosh, with 20 organic super foods in every bar!

(Credit: Perfect Bar)

(Credit: Spirited Magazine)

4. Flying Embers Hard KombuchaNavy Hill -

In search of a natural low-carb alcohol beverage to bring to the festivities? Flying Embers is probiotic-infused fermented tea in 4 yummy flavors. Navy Hill features soda and tonic with added electrolytes for hydration.

5. Chico Bag& To-Go Ware

Be sustainable! Whether you're hiking or hitting up a pool party, bring your own reusable bags, utensils and tiffins! Also great for farmer's market browsing!

(Credit: To-Go Ware

(Credit: Raleigh News & Observer)

6. Bug Soother & All Good Products

A natural insect repellent and sunscreen are must haves! Bug Soother insect repellent products (spray and candles) are made with good-for-you, skin nourishing plant-based ingredients. All Good features reef-safe sunscreen for the entire family - in spray, butter or lotion form!

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