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Thanks for your donation request inquiry. 

Eco Lips receives numerous requests for samples and donations for varied reasons. We absolutely love supporting great causes and donating to non-profit organizations. We wish it were possible to donate to every important cause, but the truth is we're too small of a company to contribute to everyone.

*Requests for donations are reviewed weekly. Please give us at least ONE MONTH notice when requesting donations. Only donation requests submitted via the form below will be considered (ie: no social DMs, emails, phone calls, mailed letters, etc.)

We have reached our donation max for summer. Please think of us for September-December events/causes.

In line with our principles, Eco Lips donates to non-profit organizations with the following focuses:

Outdoor Activities:
  • Golf charities/fundraisers
  • Yoga festivals
  • Walk, swim or bike-a-thons
  • Disc golf tournaments/fundraisers
  • Farmer's market events
  • Camping or trail hiking excursions
  • 5K races
  • Bowl-a-thons
  • Polar bear plunges

Music & Art Festivals:
  • Theater fundraisers
  • Cultural events
  • Art shows
  • Chalk or mural festivals
  • Art education walks
  • Art trade fairs
  • Local fundraising concerts
  • Craft fairs
  • Film screenings
  • Women-centric non-profits



      Local vs National

      We value our "charity begins at home" mindset. The majority of our lip balm is donated locally (Iowa and the Midwest). We believe supporting local is good for the environment as it produces less of a carbon footprint. We also know that local businesses are owned and operated by our friends and neighbors who are invested in the well-being of our community and its future.  

      Product Donation

      We are able to commit to 200 maximum balms per organization/event. We do offer co-branded lip balm for a fee. To inquire about a private label or co-branded balm for an event, please email

      •  Filling out the form belowWe will not accept requests via email, letters, phone calls, social DMs
      • 4 week lead time to ship.
      • 501(c) (3) tax form
      • Only 200 lip balm per customer a year. These are not available for resale.