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Founded with Love

A Company and Experience Built on Love  

We are Eco Lips and this is our love story. We are the original organic lip balm, but we also are so much more. We were founded because of love, we sell our products because of love, and we innovate because of love. It’s the core tenet of our entire story.

A Love for One Another

Our story begins in the early 1990s, when Andrea Danielson began brewing small batches of natural lip balm in her kitchen for her friends and family.  She took great care in handcrafting the balm and packaging it in small amber glass jars to preserve the freshness of the pure ingredients.  Andrea didn’t realize that by giving a sample of her natural lip creation to Steve Shriver her life would be changed forever.
Steve had larger-than-life lips, and was always searching for a better balm. When Steve met Andrea in 1995, he immediately fell in love with the lip balm, and moments later he also fell in love with Andrea.  They were married in 1997 and Steve, a lifetime entrepreneur, quickly spent Andrea’s life savings on ingredients and packaging for the couple’s first product, Hemp Lip Buzz
By 2003, Steve and Andrea built a specialized private label natural body care company focused on making high quality products for many other successful brands.  Their company rapidly became a leading natural body care manufacturer in the Natural Products industry.

A Love for Lips

Our top sales rep, Jim King, also had a love for lip balm, and had a vision for creating a lip balm brand like no other. Jim looked at every lip care brand currently on the market, from petroleum-based to natural, packed up the samples and flew to Iowa to meet with Steve about his dream
Jim and Steve spent hours analyzing dozens of lip balm samples, knowing that these brands would soon become their biggest competition. The goal was to create an eco-focused brand image and organic formula that would take market share from petroleum-based lip balm brands. Eco Lips had arrived.

A Love for the Organic Lifestyle

We were the first USDA-certified organic lip balm on the market, arriving in 2003, just as interest and demand for organic products began to rise. We realized that for many, we would be the first-ever organic product they would purchase. We took this seriously; we wanted to prove our worth
We made sure that all our products were made with wind power offsets, fair trade, gluten-free and cruelty-free ingredients. We also got our B Corp certification (the B stands for Benefit)
We seek to meet every customer where they are in their lives, and make a lip balm purchase a conscience choice for them. That’s why you’ll find our certifications on every product, and why we create products for every situation a customer may find herself. We produce lip scrubs, sun protection lip balm, on-the-go sport clip balms, tinted balms, and balms with exotic oils such as our Mongo Kiss™.

A Love for Healthy Ingredients, Packaging and Sourcing

Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world. Our purchasers strive to find the purest and highest quality raw materials available. Because of the nature of our products, we support organic farming and sustainable business practices. We use Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa butter and coconut oil to help support a better life for the farmers. Our product packaging and shipping materials evolve as we do into cleaner, eco-friendlier alternatives. We use recyclable lip balm containers and innovative plastic-free tubes, and recycled aluminum carabiner clips for our top selling Eco Clips.



A Love for Our Space on this Planet

We are a fusion of cyclists, climbers, disc throwers, disc spinners, glass blowers, clay throwers, music makers, bee keepers, boat floaters, yogis & yoginis, photo takers, foodie bakers, some daddies & mommies, who occasionally hug trees, eat dirt, splash air, get air, play notes, mountain pose, beat skin, touch fins, find peace within…this family, this tribe, this friendship exists because of our love for lips.