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5 Great Products for Father's Day

1 min read

Dad's lips (and skin!) need some lovin', too. Give the dad in your life a practical and beneficial gift this year. Here are 5 of our dad-approved suggestions:

1. Bug Soother

"Hands down, it works. I have a bottle in my tacklebox and garage."

2. Hemp Oil

"It's simple and works as a beard oil. No need for anything fancy."

3. Coconut Hemp Lip Balm

"It's a really hydrating lip balm that isn't sweet or girly."

4. Zinc SPF 15 Lip Balm

"Gives me protection from the sun when I work outside. And it tastes good."

5. Unflavored Mongo Kiss

"I like the large tube and that it's unflavored. Fits great in my back pocket."

6. Gold Lip Balm

"It helped my chapped lips in a few days time. Always carry it with me."

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