National B Corp Month: Small Changes for Big Impact

National B Corp Month: Small Changes for Big Impact

February is B Corp Month, a time when we recognize, celebrate, and share the love for companies that take their social and environmental responsibility and impact seriously. Business, one of the most powerful forces people have created, can and should be used for good. And everyone, from business leaders to policymakers to employees and consumers — can make changes that change the system.

What Is a B Corp?

Certified B Corporations are for-profit businesses using the power of the marketplace to help solve social and environmental problems. Unlike other certifications, B Corps complete a third-party-verified assessment, administered by the nonprofit B Lab, for the entire operations of the business, from how the products and services are created and deployed to how their workers are treated, and more. B Corps meet comprehensive, rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Every two years, B Corps are re-assessed, and with every assessment must earn an average of 80 points out of 200 possible to gain and retain certification.

B Corps are not just looking to limit their negative impact; they are actively looking to leave the world and communities in which they operate better than they found them. The Certified B Corp logo is one you can trust, and because the assessment comes around every two years, the logo serves as a marker of companies continually striving to improve their positive impact. The B Corp stamp is the difference between slick marketing and a truly good company.

Adopt a B Corp Lifestyle

Commitment defines the B Corp movement, because helping to solve social and environmental problems through business isn’t easy. It takes extra resources, a lot more time, and there are costs that competitor brands don’t take on.

But companies are taking up the challenge: There are now more than 2,300 B Corps operating in more than 50 countries and 130 industries. And more are joining every week, which means it’s easier than ever to find B Corps and support this systemic change through your purchases.

The everyday products you shop for and use are probably made by B Corp brands — from dish soap to toothpaste to baby food to sprinkler systems, and so many more. Look for the Certified B Corp logo when you shop, and search for products by B Corp brands here.

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