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Self-Care: Beyond the Buzzword

2 min read

Self-care has become so commercialized. It goes beyond bubble baths and an afternoon nap. Self-care is crucial to ground ourselves and restore our sanity from burn out, but what is it? Let's go beyond the buzzword.

The term "self-care" is all-encompassing. It can mean anything from going for a walk, reading a new book, taking a warm bath to meditating, getting a pedi, or saying no more often. Along with emotional and mental self-care, the right products can also help us achieve physical self-care.

  • Swipe on an intensive overnight lip mask after a long day. Your lips move all day long. Let them rest and rejuvenate.
  • Scrub away chapped, dead lip skin and make them new again with a sugar-based lip scrub. Your smile will radiate once more.

While you're practicing self-care don't forget to practice self-affection -truly and unconditionally loving yourself with an open and honest heart. Self-care helps us get to that place, but it can't help us heal entirely on our own.

Sure, a glass of wine and a massage may make us feel good in the moment, but it's the long-term goal of safety, security, and nervous system regulation that we should strive for day in and day out. Pair self-care with self-affection and you'll be golden.


"Search between the cracks and crevices of your schedule, your plan, and your previous agreements with yourself. How much room is there for you to appreciate your heartbeat in this present breath? How much space are you willing to give yourself to simply "be"? - Dr. Cara Barker


Self-affection can look like:

1. Writing a love letter to your past self.

2. Giving yourself warm fuzzies, hugs, or compliments on all you've accomplished. 

3. Looking yourself in the mirror and telling yourself you're beautiful and worthy. While you're at it, swipe on your favorite lip tint and rock the look!

4. Focusing on each part of your body and give it affection and attention: hand massages, foot rubs, lip scrubs, tummy rubs, scalp massages, etc.

5. Forgiving yourself for past blunders and ignorance and move forward. Give yourself grace.


This January, focus on you on a deeper level. Fall in love with yourself again and watch your mental health, mood, and outlook on life shift. Let your light shine again.

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