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New Year, New You: 13 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

2 min read

Happy New Year! It's cliche to make resolutions to be the "best you", but a resolution that is larger than just you is pretty powerful. You may get discouraged when you don't lose weight or lose motivation to stop a bad habit mid-way through spring, but a feel good resolution not only betters your life, but the planet's lifespan. This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Offsetting your (un)avoidable carbon dioxide emissions is a practical and immediate way to take ownership ofyour personal contribution to climate change

Here are 13 ways to reduce your carbon footprint:

  • 1. Eat less meat - the meat, especially beef, industry is notorious for omitting carbon emissions. Try meatless Mondays!
  • 2. Drive less - bike, walk, rollerblade, skateboard community bikes/segways instead
  • 3. Line dry clothes - no need to run your dryer & waste energy
  • 4. Unplug electronics - when you're not using devices, unplug and save energy
  • 5. Plant a garden - supports sustainable agriculture, reduces food transportation costs & reduces water runoff
  • 6. Eat local & organic - less pesticides & carbon emissions
  • 7. Purchase consignment - the world produces too much new stuff and throws away too much old stuff
  • 8. Green your appliances - switch over to Greenstar appliances that use less energy
  • 9. Turn off the lights & water - be polite, turn off the light! You have the power to turn off the water.
  • 10. Check your thermostat - don't set the temp too high or too low, bonus points for programming it to turn off or low when you're not home
  • 11. Look into solar panels - they may cost more upfront, but will end up saving $ and energy
  • 12. Recycle - if your state doesn't recycle, then re-purpose or reuse glass or plastic items
  • 13. Choose plastic-free goods - reach for biodegradable, compostable, or 100% plastic-free packaging when you shop (like our Plant Pod).

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