5 Easy Tips to Show the Earth Some Love

5 Easy Tips to Show the Earth Some Love

Authored By Eco Lips
Earth Day is just around the corner. What better time then now to put some of these Earth-Loving practices into place!

1. Spend time in the outdoors. Research has shown that simply spending time in nature decreases your level of stress, improves creative thinking and provides a healthy dose of Vitamin D for the body.

2. Clean up your neighborhood. Now that the snow has melted and the grass is just starting to grow, it’s very easy to spot garbage lingering around the neighborhood. Why not take a stroll and pick up garbage as you go!

3. Start a recycling program in your home and office. Often times, people just need clear direction to better understand how to separate their trash. Have various bins and clearly explain what to put in each bin. Pictures of objects help.

4. Plant a tree. There are many benefits to trees such as increased property value, shade for your home to cut down energy costs, improved air quality and carbon dioxide reduction.

5. Buy in bulk. Check out the bulk food section in your local grocery store. You can save money and cut down the amount of packaging waste for items such as nuts, oatmeal, dried fruit, quinoa and chocolate covered almonds.


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