Just dropped: NEW products

June 15, 2020 3 min read

New products galore! This spring/summer has been exciting with 6 exciting new launches of lip care products. Take a look at what lines we've welcomed:


  • Colors:
    • Blissful:a soft dusty rose for a perfect barely-there flush of color on the lips.

    • Blessed:a rouge pink color that’s soft, rosy and styled for a natural, contemporary look.

    • Brazen:a tawny burnt sienna color with reddish undertones. It leaves lips with a deep, earthy color that’s warm and fresh.

    • Brave:a strong, muted pink-red color with a hint of purple. This medium burgundy pigment leaves lips with a bold, plummy tint.

    • >Bold:a deep rosewood color with hints of burgundy and mahogany. This dark red tint leaves lips with a bold yet romantic look.

  • Other Features:
    • Vegan tinted lip balm in 5 buildable shades
    • Luxurious with a creamy satin finish
    • Fair Trade Certified™ & ethically sourced babaçu & pracaxi oils and cupuaçu butter
    • Nourishes, moisturizes and protects lips


  • Flavors:
    • Cherry packs a deliciously sweet, juicy and slightly tart flavor
    • Coconut features super smooth & creamy coconut
    • Vanilla Mint features a stellar combination of soothing vanilla & an invigorating pop of mint
  • Other Features:
    • High in linoleic acid and oleic acids & omega-6 fatty acids, hemp oil is a nutrient powerhouse
    • A natural humectant, which draws moisture into the skin
    • Gentle oil with a nutty aroma


  • Flavors:
    • Brown Sugar: features the warm and sweet flavors of caramel and toffee to entice the senses and feed your sweet tooth
    • Vanilla Bean: offers a sweet, warm and almost exotic flavor. Its smooth, floral flavor transports you to your favorite bakery with its comforting and familiar redolence
    • Mint Truffle: features the classic combo of mint dark chocolate. Velvety, rich chocolate with a hint of refreshing mint invigorates the senses and cures your chocolate craving
  • Other Features:
    • Soft, moist and fine-grained sugar with delectable flavor to gently exfoliate, moisturize and protect
    • Gently buffs away flaky, dry skin while organic coconut oil, olive oil and jojoba
    • Multi-tasking - exfoliates and moisturizes
    • Convenient stick form for less mess and more portability


  • Features
    • Cold-pressed certified organic hemp seed oil and plant-derived vitamin e oil
    • Greenish in color with a slight nutty aroma
    • Offer 12,000 IU vitamin e oil for antioxidant power to improve skin conditions
    • The "salmon oil" of skin care oils - use neat or with essential oils for a nutrient-rich aromatherapy experience
    • Gentle, non pore clogging and great for problem skin


  • Flavors:
    • Citrus Got Real: Gets its citrusy charm from tart n’ juicy orange, lemon and lime. This powerhouse combo offers up a light, refreshing flavor that’s sure to beat the heat this summer.
    • Main Squeeze: Fresh outta the juicer comes our fresh-pressed Main Squeeze Lip Balm. Reminiscent of a tall, cold glass of lemonade, this lip balm packs a pucker with tart lemon and a touch of stevia.
    • 1-in-a-Melon: Watermelon: the iconic fruit of the summer. This lip licking summery lip balm is fruity & sweet with fresh cucumber notes
  • Other Features:
    • Highly moisturizing with creamy organic coconut oil and beeswax
    • Fun, fruity flavors in a tube made with 30% less plastic than conventional tubes
    • Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified
    • Limited time! Only around until Labor Day


  • Flavors:
    • Blueberry Pie: Feeds your sweet tooth with juicy fresh blueberries and a tang of lemon. It’s paired with a periwinkle-colored iridescent shimmer
    • Sherbet: Touts a perfectly balanced combination of lemon, raspberry and lime, reminiscent of your favorite frozen sherbet. It’s paired with a light peach-colored iridescent shimmer.
    • Cotton Candy: Lends that characteristically sweet, caramellic and berry-like cotton candy taste paired with an iridescent light pink shimmer.
  • Other Features:
    • Bursting with flavor and packed with color changing, iridescent sparkles
    • Colors adjust to natural lip tone
    • Made with non-toxic earth minerals and colored with vegetable root powders
    • Hero ingredient is mongongo oil to naturally moisturize and protect lips

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