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How to Pick the Perfect Vegan Lip Tint Shade for You

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In honor of Vegan Month, we're highlighting our luscious vegan lip tints. Made with Brazilian butters and oils, these matte tints hydrate and provide coverage without the use of carmine, lanolin, or beeswax

We crafted our Brazilian Lip Tints with all skin tones in mind. From fair to dark, full lips to thin, these lip tints will compliment you all year long. Let's dive into each shade to learn more about what it looks like and find the perfect shade for you.

1. Blissful 

Blissful is a soft dusty rose for a perfect barely-there flush of color on the lips. It compliments soft, natural makeup and blush on cheeks. It's our lightest shade and great for non-lipstick wearers. It's perfect for all skin tones and provides just a touch of nude/pink color for every day wear.

2. Blessed

Blessed offers a rouge pink color that’s soft, rosy and styled for a natural, contemporary look. It's a tad more pink than the Blissful shade (more nude or dusty rose), which complements natural style makeup or those with fair skin who want a bit of pink coverage. Perfect for every day wear or dress it up for a day date.

3. Brave

Brave is a strong, muted pink-red color with a hint of purple. This medium burgundy pigment leaves lips with a red, plummy tint. It would compliment all skin tones (one of our best sellers) as it's the most classic lipstick colors. This would be a great one to dress up for a family gathering or date night as well as wearing to work.


Brazen is a tawny burnt sienna color with reddish undertones. It leaves lips with a deep, earthy color that’s warm and fresh. Think coral but a much darker version. It's been one of the most "out there" colors but complements skin colors well. This would be a fun tint for a fair, concert or evening out with the girls.

5. Bold

Bold is a deep rosewood color with hints of burgundy and mahogany. This dark red tint leaves lips with a bold yet romantic look. It's our darkest tint. While it looks purple in the tube, it's more of a deep crimson red. It complements all skin tones, especially darker complemented women and is a perfect tint for date night!


What's been your favorite tint?


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