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A "Go Green" Guide for Slackers

1 min read

July is Plastic Free Month! A month dedicated reducing the amount of disposable one-time-use products to preserve and rebuild our beautiful planet. If you're looking for easy steps to get involved without making too much of an investment, here are 10 simple ways to go green and plastic-free without putting in too much effort!

Put these simple switches into motion and the many benefits for you (and the planet!) will not disappoint you. It is so easy and so simple, why not go green?

Go Green Guide for Slackers: 10 Simple Switches

1. Stop buying bottled water

2. Brew your own coffee vs buying disposable cups at coffee shops

3. Use your own glass containers for take-out and leftovers

4. Use reusable bags instead of plastic

5. Reduce the amount of paper towels you use. Go for reusable cloths.

6. Carry reusable utensils and stainless steel drinking straws.

7. Aim to buy refillable glass jars of household cleaners, juice, milk, etc. instead of plastic

8. Learn to love the bulk bins

9. Buy a menstrual cup versus feminine disposable products

10. Switch your Swiffer or floor mop to a reusable pad instead of disposable

11. Switch your plastic lip balm tubes for plastic-free

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