Eco Lips Provides Used Totes to Sustainable Community in Fairfield, Iowa

Eco Lips Provides Used Totes to Sustainable Community in Fairfield, Iowa

Authored By Eco Lips
Recently, Eco Lips was approached by Douglas Blackwolf who manages a small eco-village in Fairfield, Iowa. Blackwolf was seeking help in finding re-usable totes his community could use for collecting water. Eco Lips had the solution!

Our organic sunflower oil, used in the majority of our lip balms arrives in large plastic totes. We were challenged with finding a second life for them, and Blackwolf’s timing was perfect.

Response from Douglas Blackwolf:
“I just wanted to thank you all for the opportunity to obtain some of these totes from your company and help insure that your "waste" is going to good use. I am a member of a new, growing tiny house village and organic farm cooperative. We are currently working on building a few houses for members and with any luck will be adding more new members in the near future. These totes are intended for various rainwater catchment projects for the farm operation and we hope to have one or two per house as well.

The house ones will be for supplying water for small gardens, toilets, showers etc. and may also get a filtration system on the out-flow to provide clean drinking water as well. On the farm side, they will be used for catching rainfall from various structures to be used for watering gardens, animals, production of compost (using the water to keep it moist) and other projects we haven't thought of yet. Because your totes are clean, food-grade and haven't had chemicals in them, we can rest assured that they are safe to use for our intended purpose. Feel free to check us out at”

Check out this great photo of our totes being put to good use!


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