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Introducing Our Plant-Based Facial Care Line

2 min read

Eco Lips + Face is here. 

Introducing our plant-based skin care line, Eco Lips + Face. Let's dive into each facial care product, when and how to use it, and its featured hero ingredients.

Daily Facial Oil

Lock in moisture and plump up skin.

Fast-absorbing Daily Facial Oil keeps skin looking healthy any time of day. Formulated with plant-based hydrating squalene, nourishing jojoba, and moisturizing gotu kola to soothe skin and deliver deep hydration. Use this everyday facial oil for an added boost of moisture for a softer, smoother skin complexion. 

This simple hydrating daily facial oil is great for all skin types. With only 6 ingredients, it effectively nourishes, hydrates, and restores moisturize without any preservatives, fragrances, or artificial ingredients. Talk about a glow up!

Morning Facial Serum

Discover the power of vitamin C to improve skin health. 

This highly absorbable vegan vitamin C facial oil features Australian Kakadu plum oil, packed with vitamin C to renew skin from environmental stressors and keep your skin glowing all day. It's paired with a powerhouse combination of botanicals and skin nourishing oils to even and brighten skin tone, leaving your skin balanced from the inside out to look and feel its healthiest.

Use Eco Lips + Face brightening Vitamin C-infused Morning Serum every morning for uplifting, balancing, and moisturizing effects.

  • Turmeric CO2 - helps even skin tone
  • Cloudberry Oil - high in vitamin C and E (ours is upcycled!)
  • Kakadu Plum - packed with vitamin C
  • Milk Thistle - helps even skin tone
  • Rosehip - renews problem skin
  • Sea Buckthorn - high in vitamin E
  • Raspberry Seed - helps skin retain moisture
  • Squalene - strengthens the skin barrier

It's best used every morning before your skincare or makeup regime. Careful if you're heading outside, though, as this serum may cause sensitivity
to UV rays. We recommend using a foundation with SPF or facial sunscreen.

Nighttime Facial Serum

Build back skin's biome with bakuchiol.

Renewing Nighttime Facial Serum features a natural alternative to retinol, which increases skin cell and collagen production. Bakuchiol is known to even skin tone and lessen the appearance of hyperpigmentation. It gives skin a fresher, plump appearance. It's coupled with balancing blue tansy oil to soothe skin, reduce dryness. and rebuild the skin's barrier & biome.

It's best used every evening after your skin cleansing routine.

Anytime Facial Serum

Improve your skin barrier function.

Restoring Niacinamide Serum is chock full of vitamin B3 and is a versatile skincare formula. Niacinamide offers plenty of restorative perks from the inside-out, but it can bring new buoyancy to skin. This serum can calm skin while also preventing moisture from evaporation. For those with sensitive, dry skin, niacinamide is a gentle option to enhance the skin barrier, boost collagen, and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Niacinamide can be used in the morning or evening. Because it plays well with other skincare ingredients (even vitamin C) it will work alongside anything else you're using.

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