5 Tips for Safe Summer Sun Protection

5 Tips for Safe Summer Sun Protection

Authored By Eco Lips
There tends to be a lot of language in the market about avoiding the sun, fearing the sun, protecting yourself from the sun. But we LOVE the sun and wouldn't be able to survive without it! Instead of thinking it’s the enemy, embrace it and establish daily routines that honor your life source.

1. Trick people with your real age. If you ever go to a booth at the fair in which the person has to guess your age, chances are they are studying your hands and not your face. Your hands are the most exposed and the most abused. Give them some tender loving care and apply sunscreen every day. Don’t forget to re-apply after each hand washing.

2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Being more active in the summer along with spending more time in the sun leads to a faster rate of dehydration. Always keep water on hand and make a habit of drinking it even if you’re not thirsty. Be the leader in your family and carry a reusable water bottle.

3. Hats are cool – wear them with pride! Find a style you can call your own and work it. The brim will help to protect the delicate skin on your ears, lips and nose.

4. What goes on your body goes in your body. Choose chemical free sunscreen when possible that is zinc based. Your sunscreen should be a minimum strength of SPF 15.

5. Embrace the fake tan. We can’t deny that many people feel more confident and attractive when they have a healthy glow. Formulas have come a long way, and you can now find lotions and sprays that don’t turn you orange. Ask your partner for help when applying to ensure an even coat. Have fun with it!


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