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5 Reasons You Need This Moisturization Tool In Your Life

2 min read

Enter our nourishing Hand & Body Balm.

When the weather shifts, moisturization is a necessity. Especially during the harsh winters in the Midwest. Dry skin is uncomfortable, itchy and may cause cracking, redness and inflammation. Not fun.

It's essentially a lotion in a stick, which makes it ultra convenient to moisturize on the go with nutrient-rich cocoa butter. It melts on contact, which allows it to keep it's form without dragging against dry, irritated skin. It's a MUST HAVE for everyone this fall & winter.

highly effective cocoa butter for the win!

Here are 5 reasons why you need Hand & Body Balm in your life:

1. No plastic bottle to dispose of

Throwing away large plastic bottles quickly adds up in the landfill. This concentrated 0.56 oz. tube is actually recyclable. While we currently use plastic tubes for our balms, we're on the hunt for a more eco-friendly version that's still effective and cost efficient. 

2. Pure - great for those with sensitives

With only 5 ingredients, you're not going to find a purer body balm out there. It's unscented which means it's great for all skin types. Cocoa butter, which is high in fatty acids, penetrates the skin layers to nourish and provide a protective barrier over the skin. Truly an all over moisturization tool. 

3. Convenient and long-lasting

This fast absorbing balm doesn't leave you greasy, it fits in your purse or gym bag and offers up moisturization when you want it - on face, hands, elbows, knees, feet and heels. With its larger size (0.56 oz.) and application to smaller surface areas, this balm lasts longer than traditional liquid lotions.

4. Gluten-free, Leaping Bunny Certified and made with organic ingredients

For only $5.99, you get a balm that contains no gluten, has never been and will never be tested on animals and is made with non-GMO and organic ingredients that are good for you and the planet.

5. No water in the ingredients!

Traditional lotions typically have ‘water’ or ‘aqua’ as a first ingredient. While it helps create the thin texture and easy absorption, it means you constantly need to reapply. It also means preservatives are added to prevent microbes from growing. It's those preservatives that a lot of people have skin sensitivities to

This is why our Hand & Body Balm has the upper hand. It's highly concentrated with nourishing ingredients that will revive skin without any added preservatives, making it great for those with sensitive skin.

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