5 Mom-Approved Gifts for Mother's Day

April 26, 2021 1 min read

Mother's Day is next week. Show mama how much you love her with a gift from the heart, for the lips.

1. Balm Bundles

Not sure what mom's favorite balm may be? Try a curated balm bundle or variety pack of balms, so she can experience a 'lil bit of everything - from fruity to sun protection.


3. Overnight Intensive Lip Mask

We've welcomed a new product:  Intensive Overnight Lip Mask. Made with organic jojoba, coconut and argan oils nourish while gotu kola extract supports collagen and helps to rejuvenate dry, cracked and chapped lips. Makes a great Mother's Day add-on!

3. Lip Food Lip Balm

Nutrient dense Lip Food nourishes and hydrates to soothe the lips. Globally sourced & minimally processed plant-based ingredients provide the ultimate lip moisturizing experience. A win for mom & the planet.

4. Lip Scrubs

Delectable sugar scrubs help polish and gently exfoliate dry, dead lip skin to reveal soft, supple and healthy looking lips. They are truly multi-tasking as they leave lips moisturized and nourished.

5. Zinc Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Lip Balm

Mamas love sunshine! Be sure they're covered with a protecting and reef-safe lip balm. Coconut vanilla flavor with sun protection? What's not to love? It's a must-have for every beach bag, purse and carabiner this spring and summer.

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