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10 Things to Avoid With Chapped Lips

2 min read

Having chapped lips is the pits. Those persistently dry, flaky and painful lips that just never seem to feel nourished or hydrated. Ugh!

One thing we know at Eco Lips is, well, lips. Everyone gets dry, chapped lips at times, so we're here to explain why it happens and 10 things to avoid when your lips are on the fritz.

What causes chapped lips?

Chapped lips are caused by a variety of things, but the three main culprits are weather, excessive licking of the lips and medication.

Strangely enough, our lips don't have oil glands. This means they're more susceptible to drying out and becoming cracked, chapped and even bleeding. Humidity plays a big role in chapped lips, especially in the winter. Frequent time in the sun can also worsen your lips' condition.

Habitual licking can also dry out lips. Saliva can further strip the lips of moisture, causing more dryness. So, when you feel like licking, DON'T! Some medications and supplements can also chap lips. Those include vitamin A, lithium and retinoids.

But there is hope if your lips are just stubbornly chapped.

Here are 10 things to avoid with chapped lips:

1. No picking

This will only cause them to bleed, dry out more, and cause you discomfort! Instead apply a moisturizing lip balm and let it work its magic.

2. No licking

Licking your lips might provide temporary relief, but it does much more harm than good. The saliva will evaporate quickly on your lips and leave them even drier than before. For extremely dry lips try spreading aloe over them to soothe.

3. Don't use chemicals

Any lip balms with unidentifiable ingredients such as methylparaben or any other confusing chemicals should be strictly avoided as they can dry out your lips. For the best results, look for balms with all natural ingredients and essential oils.

4. No long lasting lipstick

Matte and long-wear lipstick often dry out lips. Instead, use a creamy lip balm made with nourishing and emollient-rich oils and butters.

5. Don't use expired lip products

Expired lip balm can dry out and become less effective, or worse, grow bacteria.

6. Chew cinnamon gum or use cinnamon lip products

Cinnamon is known to irritate lips. Avoid flavored balms and treatments with this ingredient. When we chew cinnamon gum, the residue from the cinnamon spreads to our lips, drying them out.

7. Don't forget SPF

The sun's drying effects further damaged, chapped lips. Ensure you are using SPF on your lips as you head outdoors.

8. Don't neglect to exfoliate

Exfoliating with a lip scrub strips down dead, dry skin from lips, allowing nourishing ingredients in lip balms to reach the right area.

9. Don't smoke

Tobacco can irritate the sensitive skin around the lips, causing them to dry out and chap.

10. Avoid dehydration

Drink plenty of water. When we're dehydrated, our body pulls water from other areas in our body to ensure that the cells stay hydrated. This can cause dryness in the skin, including lips.


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