10 Signs You're Totally Addicted to Lip Balm

10 Signs You're Totally Addicted to Lip Balm

Do you think you're a lip balm addict? Do you not go anywhere without a tube of balm with you at all times? Do you reapply more than 10 times a day? We've all got our obsessions, but we can ALL agree that nothing feels better than moisturized lips!

Here are 10 signs that you’re probably addicted to lip balm

(PS: No one says you have to stop!)

1. You've finished more than 3 tubes of balm this year.


2. When you lose your balm, it makes you physically ill.


3. You own more than 10 balms at this very minute.


4. When you found out Eco Lips was at Wal-Mart, your heart skipped a beat.


5. You apply your lip balm every hour, sometimes more!


6. Balm > Lipstick ANY day!


7. You get so excited to try new flavors of lip balm. Like way too excited.


8. You spend way too much time browsing the lip balm sections at the store.


9. You have secret hiding places for your balms and have back-ups.


10. You have a carabiner or balm holder to carry you balm with you at all times.


 Go ahead and feed your addiction