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7 All-Natural & Unique Stocking Stuffers

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Many of us natural-minded folks always seem at odds with finding the best organic, eco-friendly products to stuff your stockings with. You want something unique, all-natural, practical & yummy, but don't want to break the bank.

Here are our 7 favorite all-natural & unique stocking stuffers:

1. Lip Balm Variety Packs

If your gift recipient values high-quality organic lip balm at a great price, our variety and multi-packs are where it's at. Whether it's a curated bundle of our best-selling balms, a scrub and tint combo or maybe it's 6 of their all-time favorite flavor, we have a broad selection to choose from.

2. Forreal Foods Coconut Jerky

Handmade in small batches at the source of their coconuts in the Philippines, Coconut Jerky is vegan, paleo, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free and 100% preservative-free. Forreal Foods puts sourcing first because they understand that product quality starts at the source. They actively work on improving and protecting the environment in which they operate & never include anything artificial - a nutrition label you can PRONOUNCE comprised of ingredients that
are always recognizable as REAL FOOD.

3. Equal Exchange Chocolate

These Fair Trade chocolate bars are rich in flavor with a smooth, creamy texture that melts in your mouth. Their organic & fairly traded cacao and sugar are sourced directly from small-scale farmers co-ops in Latin America. These soy-free [and a few vegan!] chocolate bars are also made without soy lecithin, a popular food additive derived from the processing of soy beans. Equal Exchange achieves the right smooth, balanced flavors and texture through conching and tempering alone. The process takes a lot longer, but we feel the end result is better. Get the snap – without the soy.

4.Earth Science Naturals Plant-Based Deodorant

Discover a complete line of body care products to keep you looking great (and smelling fresh, too). These formulas, infused with botanicals like lichen plant, tea tree & mint, these all-natural deodorants combine the best of nature and science. Offering remarkable results without parabens or aluminum, these deodorants are cruelty free, pH balanced and vegan.

5. Terralite Aromatherapy Candles

These botanical coconut wax candles are made with pure, organic, wild-crafted essential oils and plant extracts. They are 100% plant-based and feature a chemical-free hemp-core wick wrapped in unbleached cotton, a soda lime recyclable amber glass container made from cullet (recycled glass) and are hand-poured in California. As a fellow B Corp, they pledge 1% of sales to environmental non-profits.

6. Mira Brands Reusable Bottles/Containers

Mira is all about adventure, style, and sustainability. These BPA-free, reusable, and insulated stainless steel products allow your food/beverage to stay hot or cold for hours. Mira has created a wide variety of styles and designs to fit all of your needs. From tumblers and flasks to lunch jars and insulated wine glasses, these high grade 18/8 stainless steel productskeep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

7. Floral Elixir Flower Syrups

These flower syrups or 'elixirs’ are more potent than regular pure cane sugar syrups because they're made from real flowers and botanicals, and have a delicate sweet/citrus balance which lends for perfect cocktail and soda enjoyment. These botanical drink enhancers are made in 10 gallon batches and are filled by hand with a small team to assure the highest quality control.

What are some of your favorite natural stocking stuffers?

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