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15 Money Saving Tips By Repurposing Lip Balm

1 min read

We know lip balm works on lips, right? But, did you know the ingredients in our organic lip balm, specifically baobab-infused Gold lip balm, can work on hands, eyes, feet, shoes and even scratched CDs and DVDs? With cost of goods increasing, we're always looking for ways to save money and find unique uses for everyday products.

Your unflavored lip balm is more than just lip balm - it's a multi-tasking tool! By using lip balm in place of other beauty, wellness, or cleaning products, you can save a buck or two - and feel good about using it!

There's a balm for that! Take a look at our 15 unique uses for unsweetened, unflavored lip balm, like Gold.

  1. Eyebrow control
  2. Cuticle softener
  3. Under nose irritation
  4. Shaving nicks
  5. Flyaway hair
  6. Erase mascara smudges
  7. Eye cream alternative
  8. Add dewiness to cheeks
  9. Soothe dry skin patches
  10. Shoe shine
  11. Ring removal solution from your finger - the butter works to grease up fingers, allowing for the ring to slide off easier.
  12. Protect dog's paws
  13. Make a mini candle
  14. Prevents accidental hair dye around hairline
  15. Removes stubborn sticker residue


And if you want to repurpose your tube - try using it as a storage unit for sewing needles, Bobby pins, or rolled up dollar bills.

Pst. Mongo Kiss tubes work the best as they're larger than our 0.15 oz. tubes!

Do you have a lip balm hack that we didn't mention? Don't forget to stock up on your favorite lip balms - they're practical all around the house! Happy savings!

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