Eco Lips is a proud sponsor of SheJumps, Camp Euphoria and ConnectCR. Whether it's showing support for women in the outdoors, local musical artists or  reclaiming the heart of our city, Eco Lips is invested in bettering communities and igniting the fire to make meaningful connections.

Here's a bit about our three ongoing sponsorships:


SheJumps motivates women and girls of all backgrounds to step out of their comfort zone in a fun, non-threatening, inclusive environment to learn outdoor skills. SheJumps bridge the divide between intimidating experience and confidence-building empowerment. 

Through this “challenge-by-choice environment,” participants are given the tools and community support to fully enjoy the outdoors, gain confidence and skills to
become leaders.

SheJumps offers programs via unique adventuresses all backgrounds the chance to participate in unique adventures outside via scholarships or low-cost options. 

Camp Euphoria

Camp Euforia started in 2004 as Eufórquestra's "Fan Appreciation Party." Since then, it has grown in to a full-blown music festival featuring 20+ artists over three days on two stages. 

Eufórquestra's goal in creating Camp Euforia has always been a seamless gelling of Community and Music. The festival focuses on the Iowa City music scene, but each year a handful of performers from across the country and Eufórquestra's touring friends are invited in to come and experience the magic!

ConnectCR brings together two major projects in Cedar Rapids -- the revitalization of Cedar Lake and the creation of an iconic pedestrian/trail bridge south of downtown. 

The Smokestack Bridge will connect the NewBo and Czech Village neighborhoods and on a larger scale it will connect the east side and west side of Cedar Rapids. This pedestrian/trail bridge will span the Cedar River at the site of an old railroad bridge that was wiped out in the historic flood of 2008. 

ConnectCR completes the Cedar Valley Nature Trail from Cedar Falls to Iowa City. It also connects our trail system to the coast-to-coast American Discovery Trail, putting Cedar Rapids and Iowa in the heart of the growing biking economy. This is an unprecedented opportunity to showcase our city and state to trail users from around the world, as well as make lasting improvements for the city and its residents.