POGO® Refillable Lip Balm

The possibility of discovery and adventure. Mother Nature loving citizens of the world. Dance, write, hike and surf with abandon. We are lucky to live in the now. Speak our minds and Kiss The World!

POGO is modern freedom. Optimism and ZERO chemical voo doo. POGO has purpose, conscience and soul. #putongoout and strive to leave our world more beautiful with every choice.

With every certified badge of honor emblazoned on our soul, we’ve composed the cleanest, greenest, most delectably potent lip balm on the planet.

And as many badges as we’ve stockpiled, they’re nothing without our virtuously effective, gently extracted butters, oils, essential oils and herbs.

POGO’s expert compounds deliver balanced, aromatic, individual experiences that all lips savor. Swiped onto pouts, the mix of purity and effective moisturizers saturate lips with the clean, organic essences of vanilla, peach, mint, apricot, berries and bananas.

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Like my birthday suit. Raw beauty. As honest and pure as designed. A clean blend of sunflower, beeswax, cocoa butter, hemp, rosemary antioxidant and calendula is “au natural.”


I love laughing with my friends. They always have my back. Slipping on a banana peel? Maybe not. But that smell…


I live life to get lucky. Honestly. I do. My heart wants what it wants. And it definitely wants this bewitchingly savory vanilla bean blend. Unforgettable.


The DJ nods at me. It’s totally the neon streaks in my hair. I’m starting to loosen up. Cooling peppermint and spearmint energizes my soul. Raspberry, coconut, rosemary antioxidant and calendula pump-up my pout. I’m ready for anything.


Yes please. Like a green mountain rush of air. Peppermint, spearmint, nutmeg and cardamom. Genius and unexpected. Clean and herbal. Rejuvenated and chilled out.


Are you for real? Hell yeah! Give me brilliant colors and killer journeys. Thank you. Peach, apricot, coconut, vitamin E, calendula, rosemary anti-oxidant.

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