Whole Lotta Mama:  Review and Giveaway

Whole Lotta Mama: Review and Giveaway

Authored By Eco Lips
Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hi everyone! Well, now my second feature post and review goes to Eco Lips. Eco Lips is a natural and organic lip balm.

I received 4 lip balms. Eco Lips Energy, Eco Lips Medicinal, Eco Tints Mocha Velvet and Eco Lips Gold Balm on an Eco Clip.

I am a fanatic about lip balms and an even bigger fanatic about "green" lip balm. All 4 of these lip balms live up to their name! Eco Lips Energy, was perfect to put on in the morning, to get my day started. It gives you that "extra" boost you need.

I am allergic to nuts, like walnuts for example. Well stupid me I seem to still eat them lol. Well, anyways my mouth starts itching and my lips gets hives on them, yeah sounds gross, but you wouldn't even know I have hives on my lips lol, unless I told you. So, last night I ate some walnuts, left over from a pumpkin dessert I made for Thanksgiving, all of the above happened to my mouth. I quickly remembered I have Eco Lips Medicinal (it has Tree Tea oil it, which I love), and I applied it to my lips. I felt an instant relief. It was fantastic!

I really don't like lipstick at all, never wear it what so ever. Well, when I tried the Eco Tints in Mocha Velvet, it bought me! The coloring was perfect and it felt like I was wearing lip balm, not lipstick.

Last but not least is the Eco Lips Gold. Eco Lips Gold is the ultimate lip moisturizer. It's unflavored, with organic jojoba oil and is naturally high in vitamin E. This is perfect for carrying with you at all times, the kids love it! No nasty taste or smell or since I have mostly boys, no red color on their lips and most of all, it doesn't BURN!

I am proud to say Eco Lips will be included in one of my packages during the Winner Wonderland Giveaway Hop. Eco lips will be giving away one(1) Eco Lips Gold PLUS and Eco Clip to carry with you on your key chain or on your belt loop or even on your purse.

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