USDA Certified Organic!!!

Authored By Eco Lips
Eco Lips' production facility becomes USDA Certified Organic!

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (September 2, 2009) Eco Lips, America’s premium organic lip balm company, is pleased to announce the USDA certification of their manufacturing facility located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The first branded product to roll out carrying the USDA organic seal will be Eco Lips Gold, a bestseller from their premium line of lip balms. The company will be transitioning other products to carry the seal during the next 12 months. According to Mark Patterson, CEO, “We expect to certify as many products as possible even if it requires some modification of a formula to meet the NOP guidelines.”

Effective immediately, the company is also offering USDA certified organic private label lip balm. For almost two years, Eco Lips has operated a private label division that provides several different options for companies and organizations wanting high quality, organic lip balm for resale, gifting or promotion. “Clients will now be able to purchase USDA certified organic lip balm from us through several different programs such as private label, co-label and contract manufacturing,” adds Mark. “This gives companies the opportunity to easily distribute a certified organic promotional product that is also cost effective.”

Eco Lips feels strongly that the USDA NOP food standards should be THE one and only standard in order to prevent dilution of organic requirements. As longtime members of the Organic Trade Association and one of the leading organic lip balm brands, the company has been entrenched in the almost decade long dialogue regarding the USDA NOP standard. “We chose to get our USDA certification at this particular time with hopes of swaying the argument in favor of the USDA NOP standards. This is what consumers expect when they see the word “organic”, and we owe it to organic consumers to give them the purest food grade products available,” notes Mark. “Organic cannot have one meaning in one category (food) and another meaning in another category (skin care).”


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