Top Mommy Blog Review and Giveaway

Top Mommy Blog Review and Giveaway

Authored By Eco Lips
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"I’m always on the lookout for naturally-made beauty products from companies I’ve never tried before. Of course, trying new products can be both exciting and a bit tentative at the same time. I don’t know if the product will work, how well it will work and then are there going to be any side effects. But usually when one chooses to try products from companies who uses only natural ingredients and certified organic ingredients it’s pretty safe to assume that their products are harmless to the average person. And if you take the time to delve into the company’s history and standards, then you can decide whether it’s safe to try a new product or not.

Luckily, I discovered Eco Lips, a company that produces only organic and all-natural lip products that are safe for people and for the environment. When I was looking around for a new lip balm to try, I found Eco Lips in my friend’s natural food store and when I read the ingredients I was amazed and relieved. Their lip balms contain very little ingredients which is always a good sign and they use only ingredients essential to the product. Their lip products are made with certified organic and natural ingredients derived from plants and contains no preservatives or toxic chemicals that can seep into your skin. Their base ingredients are organic jojoba oil and organic beeswax and most of them contain added vitamins to help nourish and protect your lips.
Personally, I think Eco Lips make great gifts for people who are constantly in the sun or water or who has very chapped and dry lips. They are in nicely-sized tubes and can fit well in pockets, purses, and backpacks. They also provide Eco Clips which are simply clips that are carabiners, Eco Leashes, Eco Key Rings, and Eco Lanyards – all of which are convenient for whatever situation. I had bought a few to give away to my nieces and they were instantly hooked on the lip balms! Their packaging are also attractive and eye-catching.
Eco Lips also has a division called “Cause Balms” where they donate a portion of their profits to non-profit organizations. But actually, if you purchase lip balms from Eco Lips you’re already helping yourself and the environment by purchasing and using products that do not contain harmful ingredients. With so many lip care products out there, it can get pretty daunting to decide which one is right for you. I personally needed an effective lip balm to heal my dry lips and to wear under my lipsticks on days when I need a bit of color on my lips. And if I’m going to be using something that goes directly onto my skin, why wouldn’t I chose a product that is safe and effective? Their lip products do not contain artificial colors or flavors and even their tinted lip balms contain only natural minerals derived from the earth. With so many types of lip products to choose from, one can’t really go wrong in selecting Eco Lips.

So what types of lip care products does Eco Lips carry? Well, besides the basic all-around lip balm for everyday use, they also have lip balms with SPF (sun protection), Vegan lip balms, fruit-based lip balms, medicinal lip balms, tinted lip balms, and even lip balms co-branded with companies like Honest Kids and Dagoba Chocolates. There really is a lip balm for every person – adult and child!
Eco Lips began with a humble background - a young couple brought together by the love of natural lip balms who fell in love and eventually created a company that sells natural and organic lip products. I honestly believe that smaller companies try harder to produce better products because their origins are usually based from humble and modest dreams. Their sincerity in providing their consumers with quality products can only eventually outshine the bigger conglomerates out there.

Eco Lips was kind enough to give me some of their best sellers to sample and review. They are also offering one LUCKY reader an Eco Clip with the flavor of their choice!"

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