Top 15 Summer Festival Tips

Top 15 Summer Festival Tips

Authored By Eco Lips
The summer music festival season will soon be in full swing, and we couldn’t be more excited! Here is a list of tips to consider as you head out to support your favorite bands.

1. Bring your own lawn chair and blanket. Stow in car only if you can re-enter with no hassle.

2. Pack your favorite brew koozie and consider bringing extras for your friends.

3. Cool sunglasses are a must or a wide brimmed hat.

4. Plan for messy, wind-blown hair. Either tie it back or embrace your natural wild style. Maybe throw some fresh flowers in there!

5. Apply zinc-based broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen and don’t forget to protect your most delicate skin – your lips!

6. Share phone numbers with your group if you have some newbies in the mix. Establish a meeting time and place. Set a reminder on your phone in case you get swept up with the crowd and lose track of time. Put your phone on vibrate if you keep it on your pocket.

7. Stay hydrated using your favorite re-usable water bottle.

8. Post selfies using festival specific hashtags such as #campeuforia2015.

9. Wear comfortable shoes that are OK if they get muddy…or lost!

10. Have a local cab company in your contact list – better to be safe than sorry.

11. Stash a small supply of toilet paper in your purse.

12. Carry cash to support the local food vendors that may not be set up for CC payments.

13. Follow recycling guidelines when disposing of waste.

14. Sing along with the songs and dance as if no one is watching.

15. Don’t forget your tickets!


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