The Organic View Radio Show: Best Organic Products of 2011!

The Organic View Radio Show: Best Organic Products of 2011!

Authored By Eco Lips
June Stoyer, the host of The Organic View Radio Show and Dennis Weaver founder of Good Food Guide for Change Your Food – Change Your Life!™ have compiled a list of the best organic products of 2011...way to go Eco Lips!

“The BEST Products of 2011”

Best Agave – Madhava Agave Nectar
Best Ancient Grain Cookies – Jovial® Einkorn Ancient Grain
Best Ancient Grain Pasta – Jovial® Einkorn Ancient Grain
Best Anti-Aging Skin Cream – Skin 2 Skin™ care
Best Apple Sauce – Organic Wacky Apple™
Best Aromatherapy – Nectar Essences Organic Healing Floral Sprays and Body Oils
Best Avocados – Uncle Matt’s Organic
Best Baby Wipes – Natracare®
Best Bananas – Organics Unlimited™ Grow
Best Bottled Water – Summit Spring Raw Living Water
Best Breakfast Sweet – Dave’s Killer Bread™ Sin Dawg
Best Candy Bar – Angell™ Organic Candy Bars
Best Chai Tea – Zhena’s Gypsy Tea®
Best Chocolate – Kopali™ Organics
Best Cotton Tees – S.O.S From TEXAS
Best Creamed Honey – Niwot Honey Farm
Best Deodorant – Crystal® Deodorant
Best Dog Shampoo – Royal Treatment from The Royal Pet Club
Best Donut – MIGHTY-O Organic Donuts
Best Energy Efficient Technology – Smartcool™ Systems
Best Essential Oils - Aura Cacia® Organic Essential Oils
Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Giangrandi Gourmet
Best Facial Cleanser – emerginC Scientific Organics
Best Feminine Hygiene Products – Natracare®
Best Flatbread Crackers – Doctor Kracker® Krackers
Best Fresh Citrus – Uncle Matt’s Organic
Best Fresh Figs - The California Fig Advisory Board, California Fresh Fig Growers
Association and the California Fig Institute
Best Fruit Leather – Organic Wacky Apple™
Best Functional Beverage – Steaz®
Best Gin – Bainbridge Distillers Organic Gin (newly released)
Best Gluten Free Bread - Chaco Canyon Café
Best Herbal Teas – Chartreuse Organic Herbal Tisanes
Best Honey Mask – Red Bee® Artisanal Honey
Best Honey Facial Cream – Honey Girl Organics™
Best Hot Sauce – Brother BRU-BRU’S African Hot Sauce
Best Ice Cream – Organic Three Twins Ice Cream™
Best Kid’s Snack - Tasty™ Brand
Best Lawn Care – Fire Belly® Organic Lawn Care
Best Laundry Detergent – Vermont Soap Organics
*****Best Lip Balm – Eco Lips®*****
Best Liquid Sugar - Hey Shuga! Organic Liquid Cane Sugar
Best Medjool Dates – United With Earth
Best OrangeJuice – Uncle Matt’s Organic
Best Personal Lubricant – Sliquid® Organics
Best Port Wine – Badger Mountain Organic
Best Raw Chocolate Truffles – UliMana™ Primitive Organic Raw Dark Chocolate Truffles
Best Refrigerated Fresh Pizza – Massimo’s™ Organic Gourmet Pizza
Best Root Beer – Steaz®
Best Salt – Redmond Real Salt®
Best Sprouted Bread – Manna© Organic Breads
Best Soap – Vermont Soap Organics
Best Socks – Maggie’s Functional Organics
Best Sourdough Bread – Manna© Organic Breads
Best Suncare – Soleil Organique™
Best Tea – Choice Organic Tea
Best Tomato Sauce – Eden® Organic
Best Travel Size Deodorant – Crystal® Deodorant
Best Vanilla- Nielsen-Massey Vanillas
Best Vodka – Bainbridge Distillers Organic Legacy Vodka
Best Whole Grain Sliced Bread – Dave’s Killer Bread™
Best Whole Grain Kamut® Pasta – Eden® Organic
Best Wine – Stellar Organic Winery
Best Whiskey – Bainbridge Distillers Organic Battle Point Whiskey

Congratulations to all nominees!


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