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Monday, September 17, 2012
Organic Lip Balms By Eco Lips ~ A Giveaway!

I love balms.

Its not far from an exaggeration for me to say that I wear them all the time. Eco Lips has been the best balm experience I’ve had. Back in my non-Olive Parent days, I used multiple and various petroleum filled products. These were purchases made out of necessity, usually during the cooler seasons, when being outdoors were harsh on my lips. Unlike Eco Lips, I wasn’t compelled to put these products on constantly, they provided a basic function that seemed very limited. With Eco Lips, I’m constantly balm-ing my lips, more out of want than need. Their balms are highly effective, useful and a complete, constant must-have. More importantly, their ingredients are certified-organic with no petroleum at all.

I visited an “old-friend” recently. I product I frequently used pre-Olive Parent. The website made an alarming statement about petrolatum…without naming any names…it read…

“Petrolatum is perhaps the most effective moisturizing agent available. When applied to lips, petrolatum forms a moisturizing barrier which prevents water loss. By penetrating the outermost layer of the lips, petrolatum actually accelerates the healing process and helps repair damaged tissue.”

I was pretty taken aback. With all of the history, debate and research that comes along with petrolatum, that’s a pretty bold statement to make!

On the other hand, Eco Lips founder, Steve Shriver gives some sound advice…

“One of the most important factors to consider is the top two or three ingredients. (On the label) Organic botanical oils such as jojoba oil, and sunflower oil are excellent emollients which soothe and soften. Next you should see beeswax or plant wax. These ingredients should be organic too. They work synergistically with the oils to form a protective and moisturizing layer on the lips. Stay away from all petrolatum products. Not good for you or for the environment.”

Needless to say their products do not contain petroleum. They are also cruelty-free and Non-GMO.

I can’t say that I have an Eco Lips favorite, but I do have preferences. I love the ONE WORLD lip balm line. ONE WORLD fuses Fair Trade Certified Cocoa Butter, USDA Certified Organic Ingredients with exotic oils featured in three theme-inspired balms.


Lemon Lavender – Soothing essential oils of the Mediterranean to calm and RELAX.

Coconut Ginger – Tamanu oil, native to the south pacific is paired up perfectly with organic Coconut oil and Ginger to RESTORE dry, damaged lips.

Orange Spice – Organic Argan oil, Sweet Orange, Fennel seed and Cardamom are inviting scents of Morocco to RENEW and rejuvenate your lips.

Until I tried the Coconut Ginger, Lavender Lemon was my first choice. The Coconut Ginger has such a heavenly scent! Coconut oil is a staple in my home. We use it in our food, hair and skin. Falling in love with this balm was quite easy for me. The Orange Spice has licorice smell that would be contributed to the Fennel seed in the balm. I’m not too keen on licorice-y scents, but Argan oil is THE beauty oil to have! Lavender Lemon is also a lovely scent I adore. Lavender is my favorite essential oil. I love the pairing of the Lemon and Lavender together with Cocoa Butter.

There’s a simple genius in partnering up with Dagoba Chocolate© for a organic luscious chocolate lip balm line. Eco Lips co-brands with Dagoba Chocolate© to create three chocolate lip balms that are, of course organic, but completely edible featuring Dagoba’s top selling flavors.

Roseberry combines organic Dagoba cocoa powder, Rosehip oil, raspberry and chocolate flavors…set in organic cocoa seed oil and organic jojoba oil.

Mint combines organic Dagoba cocoa powder, organic chocolate flavor, organic essential oil of peppermint and more yummy stuff! All of this is set in organic cocoa seed butter and organic coconut oil.

Lavender combines Dagoba cocoa powder, organic chocolate flavor, organic blueberry flavor and organic essential oil of lavender in organic cocoa seed butter and organic jojoba oil.

I couldn’t tell you which one I like best…I like ‘em ALL. For goodness sake, they’re all chocolate, can you blame me? The only thing that would be more perfect than a chocolate lip balm is a lip balm that combines a nut of some type…preferably pistachio and dark chocolate…my two loves.

The Ecotints line is exactly as its name implies…a lip balm with tint. A lip balm that’s practical with a splash of glam gives you that constant moisture and sheer tint that comes from the earth’s minerals. Ecotints comes in six different shades.

The Plush Red shade was literally becoming. At first glance I thought that it may have been too red for me. I’m more of a earthy brown lip gloss gal, but the color merely expounded the color of my own lips. Giving my lips a healthier, glint-y glow… I love it! It’s a firmer balm than the rest of the balm lines. It has beeswax and Candelilla wax that gives it a firmer product, but the surprising thing is, the color lasts a pretty long time. I added the Dagoba Lavender on top of my Plush Red Ecotint just for kicks. Smile

Ecotints has 90% organic ingredients…cruelty, carmine and gluten free! Go here to see the Ecotints color swatch found under the product picture.

The imagination of Eco Lips does not end here. They have much more. A little something for everyone, even a bee-free balm for the Vegan lifestyle.

You can experience these “beauty balms” for yourself!

One winner will win an Eco Lips Lip Care Kit which will include…

ONE WORLD Balm (1 Flavor)
Dagoba Balm (1 Flavor)
Pure and Simple Balm (1 Flavor)
Eco Tints Balm (1 Tint)
Honest Tea Kids Balm (1 Flavor)
Gold Balm - 1
Vanilla Hemp Balm – 1
Eco Lips Clip - 1

Entry into the giveaway is simple! Leave a comment telling me your must-have balm, or what you like about Eco Lips’ environmentally responsible business practices. Choose as many entry options as possible to increase your chances of winning. Please note – entries without CORRECT validating information will not be considered. Giveaway is limited to US residents, ages 18 years of age or older. We’re unable to honor flavor requests. Please ensure all products in each line are compatible with you. Giveaway ends 10/3/12 Best Wishes!!!!
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