The Cartoon Lovin' Mom Eco Lips Review & Giveaway

The Cartoon Lovin' Mom Eco Lips Review & Giveaway

Authored By Eco Lips
Our Thoughts:

Eco Lips was awesome enough to let us choose three lip balms of our choice to review and let me say choosing just three was quite a difficult decision since their selection is huge and many of their balms look quite appealing! Anyways we finally decided to try the Honest Kids Goodness Grapeness, Eco Tints Moonstone, and last but not least the Eco Lips Energy Lip Balm, but they also sent us one of their Gold balm on an Eco Clip! After making our decision and letting Eco Lips know our choices, our lip balms arrived very quickly and just in time for a weekend out on the lake with the family fishing and camping!

I chose the Honest Kids Goodness Grapeness for “Bug” to use since he tends to have chapped lips quite a bit during the summer months and he doesn’t really like to use mommy’s lip balms because he says they are for girls or that they really burn. But after just taking the cap off the Honest Kids Goodness Grapeness and getting a whiff of the grape smell he was hooked and claimed it for himself quite quickly. He really likes to put it on and says it not only smells good but if he happens to forget and lick his lips it doesn’t taste bad either, nor does it burn like other lip balms we tried on him. We have been using this lip balm on “Bug” for the last couple of weeks and we have noticed a huge improvement on his lips, they are no longer dry and cracking and they look really good and he now has no problem eating salty foods, due to them burning.

For myself I chose the Eco Tints in Moonstone, now I don’t generally wear any kind of color on my lips due to them staying dry and cracked, but there are times that I would like to add a little color to my lips when going out to dinner or the movies with my husband on our date nights. I have used the Eco Tints in Moonstone several times since it arrived and I absolutely love it! I can now wear a little color on my lips without having to worry about them becoming dry and cracked. I’m loving how smooth this lip balm goes on and the fact that just a little of the Eco Tints lip balm goes a long way, not to mention lasts for a good little while! I also love how silky this lip balm makes my lips feel and it looks fabulous! Bottom line: I love the Eco Tints in Moonstone and I can’t wait to try some of the other colors of Eco Tints because they have given me back the ability to have beautifully lightly tinted lips while making them look great!

Next up is the Eco Lips Energy Lip Balm. I will confess that I got this particular lip balm for my husband but after opening it up and smelling it, I had to give it a try…only fair right? Well it was love at first try..LOL! Not only does this lip balm go on as smooth and silky as the others we tried but it has a slight tingling sensation that I just love! Even though I got it for Chad it’s my daily go to lip balm and he has tried it a couple of times and lets just say I’m going to have to get him his own tube to take to work with him (he works in and out of freezers, so he has a time with his lips as well). What I love most about the Eco Lips Energy Lip Balm is the invigorating mint scent and the way it leaves my lips feeling.

Last up is the Gold balm on an Eco Clip that Eco Lips included in our sample package. Now this lip balm is just as awesome as the other three and it’s found it’s permanent home on the zipper of my purse! I love the little eco clip that let’s me put the lip balm on whatever bag or pants I am wearing to make sure I always have my Eco Lips with me! The Gold balm itself is just as silky and smooth as the other three and I love the fact that it’s simple! It has not artificial flavors, tints or scents so it’s perfect for the whole family and we have all three used it several times and it is sure to stay a must have for traveling. It’s much easier to take the Gold balm with us than trying to keep up with each of our lip balms.

Bottom Line:

Eco Lips products are awesome! We love all four of the lip balms we were sent and they are now a must have! I am also looking forward to trying some of the other wonderful lip balms from Eco Lips! Not only have we noticed a huge difference in the appearance and overall health of “Bug’s” lips but my lips feel so much healthier and they look so beautiful! Chad has also said he noticed a huge difference in his lips and uses his Eco Lip balm on a daily basis and he said that going in and out of the freezer no longer irritates his lips as bad.

If you are looking for a lip balm that is not only good for you but is also good for the world, we highly recommend checking out the wonderful selection of lip balms from Eco Lips. With their huge selection you are sure to find a lip balm for the whole family and this time of year a lip balm is a must have in our book!

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