The Best Organic Lip Balms

Authored By Eco Lips
Great Review Article on 3 Great Organic Lip Balms

"With all of the craze lately to buy organic products, it can be a little overwhelming when figuring out which organic lip balm is the best. I've tried out quite a few recently and have came up with a list of the best lip balms around."

"Eco Lips
MSRP: $2.49 - $4.99
Available at: and some stores, use their store locator

Eco Lips have a wide range of organic and environmentally friendly lip balms available. They have basic lip balms to ones that tint your lips, and even some that are aimed to give you energy. I tried a variety of these lip balms and my favorites were the Eco Lips Hemp and the Eco Tints in Rose Quartz. Fantastic lip balms that are really well worth buying online if you can't find them available in a local store. .."

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