Take it from me...daily review and giveaway blog

Take it from me...daily review and giveaway blog

Authored By Eco Lips
"Today, Eco Lips lip balm is handcrafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With the mission of satisfying the needs of every customer, Eco Lips has been first to market with several innovative organic lip care products and packages. With environmental initiatives in place, a focused marketing and sales strategy, award winning packaging, and a relaxed, yet productive work environment, Eco Lips is making its way around the world, one set of lips at a time."

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am a hopeless lip balm junkie, I am always looking for new brands and tasty flavors! When I came across Eco Lips I was impressed by the variety of options they have. I think a lip balm-aholic (like myself) could happily use Eco Lips as a supply source for the rest of their lives and never run out of new flavors to try. Your search for quality lip balm can end here!
I was especially impressed by their Cause Balms. "The Cause Balm Program was designed to help non-profit organizations gain awareness and funding for a brighter future! For every lip balm sold through the Cause Balm Program, the corresponding organization will receive a $1 donation from Eco Lips. Get More Change for Your Buck, Purchase any 10 Cause Balms and Eco Lips will donate $1.50 per balm to each organization you choose! Help us Change the World, one set of lips at a time."
You can go to the Cause Balm web page and read the specific mission of each different humanitarian organization associated with Eco Lips Cause Balm. It is great to know that when you are buying Cause Balms you are actually making a small difference in the world by supporting a good cause.
I was also very satisfied with their Eco Tints. "Eco Tints by Eco Lips moisturize your lips and provide a sheer tint in your choice of six shades. Perfect for that switch from work to evening, or any time you need to freshen up your look. Organic plant oils, beeswax, and aloe vera harmonize with natural earth minerals to provide a beautiful shimmering glow."
The color is so rich and vibrant and the minerals gave the balm a beautiful shimmer. I love putting on a conservative lipstick when I do my makeup but I get irritated by the chemical smell and the stickiness of most brands I have tried. Eco Tints is the perfect fix for me because all the ingredients are completely natural.
Who has never put a great smelling flavor of lip balm on and then licked their lips to get some of that flavor, only to be left wondering just what kind of ingredients they had just tasted? I know I have been guilty of this, with Eco Lips you never have to worry about weird chemicals because most all their lip balms are 100% edible and organic! This makes them kid friendly too!
Eco Lips has an endless variety of delicious flavors! I tried the Strawberry and Dagoba Mint and instantly fell in love with the delicious scent and taste.
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