Smookie Balm Review

Smookie Balm Review

Authored By Eco Lips
11 April 2011
Eco Lips - Product Review & Giveaway!

I have to say that I'm a bit of a lip-balm-o-holic. It started in high school...when teaching swimming lessons all evening would dry me out from head to toe. It evolved in college to shimmery tones and such for dates and pub crawls. Now, I just like a good lip-balm because I don't like lipstick, don't go out much (so I don't need the shimmer) AND because my lips are always dry -- blasted hormones!

I have many in my purse, diaper bag and in various places around the house. E paints herself with them regularly! She loves "lip-shtick". I've yet to find a brand that I love so much I'd buy multiple of what they sell.

Well, I think Eco Lips is that brand for me. Made with mainly organic products (somethings like Vitamin E aren't available inorganic form yet) and with Vegan options as well, they cater to all needs. We received the Co-Branded Honest Kids Berry Berry Good Lemonade (which is a total HIT with E - she loves it), an SPF 30 Sport Balm, the Coconut Lip Balm from the Pure and Simple Collection and a Gold Balm. All are in regular use and have been well loved so far!! I'll be ordering more shortly!!

If you want a lip-balm to heal your chapped lips quickly - buy the Eco Lips Gold. If you want a Vegan option - buy the Eco Lips Bee Free (it's made with a plant wax called Candelilla wax instead of bees wax). If you want to help support your fave cause - buy a Cause Balm; because for every Cause Balm sold, Eco Lips will donate $1 to the corresponding organization!

Some other awesome features:

* each lip-balm is created with food grade material
* Eco Lips is a petroleum free brand
* they offer tinted lip-balms for a little bit of extra somethin' somethin' (I should get some!) and a Face Stick with an SPF of 30.

And because Eco Lips is truly fabulous, they've offered a Gold Balm on an Eco Clip to one lucky SmookieStyle reader!! Giveaway!


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