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Save Green Being Green

Authored By Eco Lips
Review: Eco-Lips Lip Balm
Our house is comprised of some lip balm addicts, so ECO-LIPS was something we were very excited to review.

I was able to choose the 4 different lip balms that we would evaluate and review and to be able to give the best overall review of the the ECO-LIPS products I chose products from all different varieties. I chose the Honest Kids Goodness Grapeness lip balm, so that my daughter could help participate in reviewing the products. The ECO-LIPS Gold Premium lip balm, which is an unscented lip balm that my husband enjoys, was another choice. Finally, the choices for myself include the ECO-Lips SPF 15 Mint lip balm and the Eco Tints Plush Red lip balm.

All of us loved each one of these. My daughter is crazy about the grape scented lip balm and when I smell it I can't help but want to put it on my lips as well. I feel good about letting my daughter use this lip balm since it is 100% edible (for those times you lick your lips because you are curious if it does taste like it smells), USDS-certified organic and petroleum-free.

My husband commented that he thought the ECO-Lips Gold he was using was smooth and very soft feeling, which is good. There is nothing more annoying than lip balm that is sticky or hard.

I actually decided to put the carabiner clip on the ECO-LIPS SPF 15 Mint lip balm, so that I could clip it on the strap of my gym bag. My gym bag is often with me since I am at the gym or a fitness class or meeting a friend to bike/run daily. I find that I feel more comfortable if my lips have lip balm on them while I exercise and I like the idea that I am helping protect them if I am exercising outside.

My last tube to evaluate is of the ECO-Tints. I have to say that in the past few years I have become much more fond of tinted lip balm instead of lipstick. I find that some lipsticks feel caked on, can be drying, and offer a much more dramatic color than I desire, whereas tinted lip balm feels smooth, light and nourishing and offers just a tint of color. Tinted lip balm is perfect for my lifestyle at this stage in my life.


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