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Authored By Eco Lips
Eco Lips Review &Giveaway

I live in a really dry climate and have to compensate for that. I drink lots of water,apply many moisturizers and use copious lip balms. Being a green person I try to use organic products in my home whenever possible. I was so happy to find a organic company that makes lip balms. Eco lips lip balm is handcrafted in Cedar Rapids,Iowa. With the mission of satisfying the needs of every customer,Eco Lips has been first to market with several innovative organic lip care products and packages.

1.Organic food tastes amazing! Organic food tastes better than conventional because it’s not coated with chemical residues from pesticides and fertilizers.&nbs;Organic food,which often times is synonymous with local food,optimizes time by allowing food to grow at a natural pace in the garden or field. This coupled with a shorter farm to market distance ratio than means fresher food as well.
2.Organic food is healthy! Organic food on average contains higher Vitamin C (powerful antioxidant) levels as well as higher levels of calcium,magnesium,iron,and chromium. The bioavailability of nutrients in organic foods is at a greater level than that of conventional.
3.Organics are better for the environment! Organic production systems do not allow the use of chemical fertilizers which pollute our rivers and streams. Instead,organic production systems utilize composted manure and leguminous cover crops in rotation with cash crops to naturally feed nitrogen to the soil.
4.Organics support communities! For small farmers,organic agriculture has offered an alternative market where organically grown food commands a fair price. Workers on organic farms have reduced exposure to harsh cancer causing chemicals.
5.Organic products are free of hidden-costs! While the consumer may pay a premium at the check-out counter for organic products as opposed to conventional products,the consumer pays more for what isn’t in the product:the hidden costs of conventional include the millions of dollars tax payers pay each year for chemicals in drinking water due to pesticide practices in conventional farming.
At Eco Lips,we buy food grade ingredients when possible.

I was so impressed with the social and environmental values this company has and I really love their products. I go through a lot of lip balms and not all brands will live up to their claims. Eco lips are made from organic ingredients so there are no unnecessary nasty pernicious toxins to pollute your lips. They don’t use any petroleum products or parabens. They are cruelty free and gluten free. Eco Lips products are one of the best lip balms I’ve used. Their lip balms are super moisturizing and very effective in dry climates. My lips will chaff and sometimes even split and can take a long time to heal. Eco lips promote healing and leave your lips feeling smooth and supple. With other brands I would have to reapply the balm every hour and I would get a waxy feeling and build up on my lips that felt really gluey. With Eco Lips I’m reapplying about every 4 hrs or so and there is no awful waxy buildup.

I love all the flavors they have too. I got to try the Kiwi Strawberry,Grape,Mint and their Gold lip balms. Aside from being extremely effective these lip balms are so tasty,you really would love to eat them. I also received an Eco Key ring with one of my lip balms so you can attach it to you backpack,belt loop or your purse. To me these products are the ultimate lip balms and I don’t go anywhere without them. Eco Lips is a company that lives up to it’s name.

The kind people at Eco Lips would love to offer one lucky reader a Eco Lips Gold Balm on an Eco Clip. Thank you Eco Lips.

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