n.c. baby blog:  eco lips review and giveaway!

n.c. baby blog: eco lips review and giveaway!

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Friday, September 23, 2011Eco Lips- Review & Giveaway

Being a Utah native, I have always been a chapstick girl. I always grew up where the weather was dry, and my lips just coulnd't handle it. With that being said, I am a fairly decent critic of lip balms, and I know what I am looking for. When I researched Eco Lips and contacted them about a review, I was super excited when they agreed. Not only are Eco Lips products organic, natural, and environmentally friendly, but they have TONS of different flavors and varieties to choose from! From Vegan, to tinted chapsticks, to completely safe EDIBLE lip balms (great for kids!), they have something for everyone!

I was able to pick 3 choices from what they have to offer in their Eco Lips Store. Here is what I chose, and my thoughts on each.

#1) Eco Lips Restore in Coconut Ginger- This chapstick is great. I was a little hesitant with the flavor since I am not a huge Ginger fan, but I was pleased with the scent! It is refreshing and calming, and I like that! This particular chapstick is a little bit larger in size than your typical size lip balm. It is infused with Tamanu Oil to relieve dry, damaged skin. The tube and cap are also made out of recycled content...pretty cool!

#2) Eco Lips Engery-This is from the specialty line. All I needed to see was "Energy" and I was all over it ( I mean everyone could use a little more of that I think). This lip balm is infused with caffeine, green tea and vitamin B12 which absorbs right into the lips for an extra boost of energy when you are feeling sleepy. It smells amazing, too. It has a great citrus and almost minty smell too it, which definitely stimulates your senses.

#3) Eco Lips Bee Free- To my surprise, this one was my favorite! the Bee Free is 100% Vegan. I think its my favorite because it has a lemon-lime scent, and I just love a good lemon smell. It is clean, fresh, and the texture is amazingly smooth. It doesn't seem sticky or thick like maybe some other chapsticks would. If I had to recommend my favorite, this would be the one.

#4) Eco Lips threw in their Eco Lips Gold on their Eco Lips Carabiner for me as a bonus! This one is great too. It is not scented, vitamin enriched, and again completely organic. This chapstick is for someone who doesn't like scented lip balm( like my hubby) who prefers a more traditional, do the job kind of chapstick. The Carabiner is a great addition as it is great to hook to keychains, diaper bags, or anywhere else for a convenient grab. Cold weather is coming, and now I am ready to battle the dry lips!

Remember, it is just as important to hydrate our lips as it is to lotion and take care of our bodies! Using high quality, organic, and cruelty free chapstick is the best way to do this and our lips will thank us in the long run!

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