My Devotional Thoughts: Mint SPF 15 review

Authored By Eco Lips
About a month or two ago, I won a great item that I really did not think I would like. I won what you see in the picture:
Eco Lips SPF 15 Mint with Eco Clip

I have never been a fan of lip balm. Sure, I get chapped lips like most people do, but I either forget or just don't think about lip balm. I have tried to carry it in my purse before, and it just seems to get lost. (If you saw my purse, you would understand!) So it just became something I did not use. I put up with dry lips.

When this item came, I immediately tried the lip balm, and I loved the mint on my lips--it felt so good. In fact, it felt better than any lip balm I have ever used. I also liked the clip and the fact that it was hard to lose the lid!!

I don't know when I got the brainstorm, but I decided to hook this clip to my cell phone carrier. I began to use this lip balm regularly. Sometimes more than once a day. And I have noticed a definite improvement in my lips. They feel healthy and protected. The chapping is almost nonexistent. I can't recommend this lip balm enough.

And to make the review even sweeter, I just discovered a day or two ago that I was able to take the lid of the balm does come out of the clip. I was thinking that possibly when the lip balm was gone, I would have to throw away the clip--it may not be useful anymore But it seems that Eco Lips thought of everything. When your lip balm is gone, you take it out of the clip, and you can replace it with another lip balm!

So if you have a problem with dry, chapped lips, check out Eco Lips today!


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