Miss Sensuous:  Eco Lips Dagoba balm review

Miss Sensuous: Eco Lips Dagoba balm review

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Miss Sensuous
A blog dedicated to all things natural and organic including my favourite thing to purchase – lip balms.Dagoba Lavender Lip Balm Review Posted on July 4, 2011 by Miss Sensuous

This is a rather unique balm in terms of flavour/scent – which is why I was drawn to it. You can read my little review below…..

Product Description – “If the cocoa flavor doesn’t calm you down, the lavender just might. Try this at bedtime as a nightcap for your lips. Your little ones will love it too. Certified organic cocoa powder with a hint of essential oil of lavender and organic blueberry flavor. “

This is a well textured balm – it is smooth – not too thin or waxy. It is also just the right amount of thickness. The scent is rather intriguing,quite odd and the lavender is definitely the dominating scent with cocoa coming in right behind. The mixture of the two is rather pleasant and despite the fact it has cocoa in it, it isn’t very sweet .There is also a hint of blueberry too, but it isn’t as pronounced as the other two scents.

It is organic and has good moisturising capabilities, my lips feel soothed when this is applied, as the decsription states.

I also love that the official website states that this is gluten-free, being unable to tolerate gluten I find this very helpful – it means I don’t have to go through and read every ingredient!

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