Mama's Musings:  Review & Giveaway!

Mama's Musings: Review & Giveaway!

Authored By Eco Lips
Sunday, August 21, 2011
Eco Lips Review & Giveaway Ends 9/5

Eco-Lips began in the 1990s, when Andrea Danielson began making small batches of lip balm from her home. These eventually ended up becoming the Eco-Lip brand, which features all natural, organic lip balms. I’m always in search of good quality lip balms, and with fall/winter coming up fairly soon, I wanted to find some good lip balms that I wouldn’t feel horrible about putting on my daughter’s (and my own) lips.

I was able to sample 4 different types of Eco-Lips. The first was the Eco-Lips Gold with an eco clip. I love this stuff! It’s made with the finest certified organic jojoba oils and is high in Vitamin E, plus it is USDA certified organic. This leaves my lips feeling really smooth and relieves any chap that might be setting in. I love that it is unflavored too, because sometimes you just want plain old lip balm ,not some fancy scent.

I also got to try an Eco-Tint in Rose Quartz. This is great stuff. It provides sheer color while still moisturizing your lips, and is perfect when you want just a bit of color, not a full on lipstick.

I got the Honest Kids Berry Berry Lemonade for my daughter. It is 100% edible (which is a MUST for a toddler), USDA certified organic, and has a delicious flavor. My little monkey loves to put it on, and even gets excited when she sees the tube! I love that it is safe in case she decides to lick her lips on time.

S picked out the Renew Rejuvenating Lip Balm in Orange Spice for his lip balm. I was a little surprised that he picked that flavor out, and a little worried that he wouldn’t like it, but he loves it. It’s not a really girly scent, and he says it makes his lips feel really moisturized. It has Argan Oil, which can help to revitalize the skin, and is rich in Vitamin E to improve the skin’s texture.

I’m really impressed with all of the Eco-Lips I was able to try. I love that these are all safe to put on our lips, and I don’t have to be worried about my little one licking or ingesting something that could be harmful. I’m so glad I was able to try out these products.

Eco-Lips are generously offering one winner an Eco Lips Gold Balm on an Eco Clip.

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