Lynchburg Coupon Mama:  Review and Giveaway!

Lynchburg Coupon Mama: Review and Giveaway!

Authored By Eco Lips
As an allergy-sufferer, I tend to keep dry, cracked lips all year long so finding a chapstick that works has been difficult. When I was offered the opportunity to review lip balms from Eco Lips, I was ecstatic! Not only do I love lip balms but the organic factor heightened my interest to the extreme! My oldest son has allergies triggered by multiple natural- and food-related products; therefore, finding organic products for him is essential to his well-being.

For reviewing purposes, I received a full-size tube of Dagoba Mint USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm, Eco Tints Coralyte, SPF 30 Sport, and the Gold. I have yet to decide on a favorite because all of them are wonderful! Opening the Dagoba Mint was like smelling a delicious mint treat! It smelled so good that I could have eaten it :) The Coralyte Tint is great for the days that I want to add a bit of color to my lips. I'm not a fan of traditional lipstick because it tends to dry my lips out and causes me to feel conscious about my already-thin lips. The colors never look natural for my skin tone. Since I spend a lot of time outdoors with two rambunctious little boys, I definitely needed something to handle the effects of the weather. The SPF 30 Sport kept my lips moist during our long hours outdoors. Halfway through our hot, long day, I realized that my lips were still maintaining moisture and that I was not applying it every few minutes in comparison to that of traditional lip balm. Eco Lips also sent their Gold balm from the premium line. During my 3-day sick tour a couple of weeks ago, the Gold stayed by my side! It's the product I'm grabbing for during the most extreme situations!

Like many people, I'm terrible about sticking my lip balms, chapsticks, glosses, etc. in my pocket and finding them in the dryer with awful spots on my clothing. I also received a Eco Clip to keep my balm handy, yet out of my pockets! I've been stopped at the grocery store, at my office, the gas station, etc. by people wanting to know where I found such a wonderful product and I'm sure to tell them Eco Lips! The Eco Clip is made of recycled aluminum so you are also doing your "green" part by purchasing one of these.

Team Eco Lips is a group of athletes who brave the elements to participate in sporting events. This group is helping to raise awareness about the Eco Lips alternative to tradition lip balms!

You can check out the Eco Lips Store by clicking here. All of the Co-Branded lip balms are currently on sale for only $1.75!! Free shipping is offered on all orders over $15.00 for USPS delivery 1-2 weeks.



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