Love and look Pretty:  review & giveaway!

Love and look Pretty: review & giveaway!

Authored By Eco Lips
Eco Lips: Review and Giveaway!
Hey, Love and Look Pretty readers! Did you know that my number-one beauty essential is lip balm? Because my skin is so sensitive, I usually skip foundations and powders and tend to stick with a natural look. Whether I wear a little makeup or none at all, I always want to make sure my mouth looks pretty! I laugh with it, I smile with it, and I talk with it - I need to pay it the attention it deserves!
The wonderful people at Eco Lips, Inc. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa were sweet enough to send some awesome lip care products my way! I'm so excited to share those products with you today, but first I want to talk a little bit about why I've fallen in love with Eco Lips:
As a student at a college where the "green" lifestyle is very important, I've really learned to embrace companies that strive to make a positive impact on the earth. Eco Lips is an organic brand. According to their website, "organic" products are those that grown and produced without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. Organically-grown produce is good for the land and, in turn, good for us. Eco Lips makes their lip balms with certified organic ingredients - so you can feel good about what you're smoothing on your smile!

These are the amazing products Eco Lips sent me to review! I'll talk about them in order, from left-to-right:

1) Dagoba Lavender USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm: Certified organic cocoa powder with a hint of essential oil of lavender and organic blueberry flavor! Yum! I was drawn to this balm because of the interesting combination of chocolate (obviously a favorite) and lavender! "A flowery dessert?" I thought. This balm smells delicious and has a strong herbal taste. It made me feel relaxed, and I found myself wanting to wear it to bed! It went on smooth and conditioned my lips.

2) Eco Lips Bee Free Vegan Lip Balm: This lemon-lime vegan lip balm leaves your lips soft and supple. I was initially interested in this product because I was curious as to how a vegan lip balm (made without beeswax) might work. The tube describes the base as "certified organic oils, vegetable wax and cocoa butter." This actually became one of my favorite balms, and the lemon-lime taste is super sweet and fun!

3) Eco Lips Hemp USDA Certified Lip Balm: Certified organic Manitoba Harvest hempseed oil make this infusion of herbs and vitamins nutrient rich. Flavored with vanilla. I stashed this lip balm in my purse when I went to work this morning, and reapplied throughout the day. I couldn't get enough of the vanilla flavoring (very nice and subtle), and it kept me smiling throughout my shift.

4) Eco Lips Coconut Lip Balm: Delicious, pure and simple. Tropical coconut flavor, 100% edible. Okay, I admit, it was the "100% edible" point that sold me on this balm. It certainly smells sweet enough to eat! I'm a sucker for anything coconut, and this lip balm had me daydreaming about trips to the beach and drinks with little umbrellas. Although I'm not one to start eating a tube of lip balm, it's kind of nice to know that it's safe enough to eat, if I so desired!

5) Eco Lips Gold USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm: Made with the finest certified organic jojoba oil. USDA Certified Organic. Vitamin enriched. The ultimate lip moisturizer. This unflavored balm is heaven-sent. It's packed with all sorts of good-for-you ingredients and I feel pampered just puckering up my lips. Eco Lips was kind enough to send me this balm on an adorable Eco Clip Carabiner, and I felt compelled to carry it around with me! Look how cute!

Thanks again to the wonderful people at Eco Lips for sending me these amazing products! My lips feel so special and taken care of.
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