Live, Laugh, Love blog review and giveaway!

Live, Laugh, Love blog review and giveaway!

Authored By Eco Lips
Saturday, May 21, 2011
Eco Lips

The term “organic” can only be used on products that are grown and produced without pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Products that host the USDA Organic Seal are produced under the high standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. There is no legal definition of what the term “natural” means. Natural foods can include organic foods, but not all natural foods are organic. Look for products with the USDA Organic seal and you’ll be making the right choice for your health and the environment.

First choice I choose was the Kiwi Strawberry since I always love the smell of it; it smells so good :) It really has a strong scent to it to leaving my lips feeling so soft & the smell so good even when I kiss my hubby he says what is that smell & I tell him its the kiwi-strawberry scent of my lip balm very funny I know.

Second choice I choose was the Honest Kids Berry Berry Good Lemonade since my son loves putting on lip balm/chapstick I swear he only puts it on to just lick the taste of it LOL seriously what kid wouldn't? So I wasn't going to spoil myself all. I wanted to let him get a kind to, so I asked him what kind he wanted out of the 3 flavors & so he chose the Berry Berry Good Lemonade. I would to because it sounds so good. He said to me mommy this smells so good I could eat it now isn't that cute. I also wanted to switch the flavor because his smelled so good, but he wouldn't let me. lol

Third Choice I choose was the Eco Tint Moonstone I really liked this one also cause it gave my lips that extra Glow.

& last but not least I got a bonus The Eco Lips Gold I really haven't tried this yet I'll probably give it to my husband because I didn't pick him out anything & I like my 2 other lip balms I got so yeah I'll probably let him have this one :)



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