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I have another AWESOME product to tell you about! I received 4 lip balms from EcoLips. They are the best lip balms I've ever used...and I've used a ton! I'm a lip balm fanatic!
I chose:
SPF 15 Berry
Berry Berry Good Lemonade
PLUS...they sent me a Gold Balm on an Eco Clip to try :) I LOVE the Eco Clip! I am the queen of losing stuff so this is PERFECT for me!
Picture of Eco Clip Carabiner

Why do I love this product?
Because it is smooth, lasts forever, and it isn't sticky!

Did you know...
one of the most absorbent parts of your body is your lips?

Out of the 4 that I tried, Energy is my absolute favorite! It delivers energy infusion right to your lips! Soothing and healing benefits of EcoLips lip balm + caffeine, green tea & vitamin B12!

EcoLips is an organic company. Their products are made from all natural ingredients. No chemicals...SIGN ME UP! AND these products are super affordable!

A little bit of information about EcoLips:
It started in the early 90s. Andrea Danielson began making her own lip balm in her kitchen for friends and family. She gave a sample of her natural balm to Steve Shriver and it changed her life forever!

When Steve and Andrea met in 1995, he fell in love with the lip balm...and Andrea. They got married in 1997 and spent Andrea's life savings on ingredients and packaging for their first product - Hemp Lip Buzz.

By 2003, the couple had build a private label natural body care company focusing on making high quality products for many other successful brands.

They quickly became a leading manufacturer in the Natural Products industry!

Much of the growth of their business was due to their top sales representative, Jim King. He founded & grew a successful and environmentally friendly promotional products company called Access Eco. He enjoyed building brand names through promotional products...but something was missing.

Jim had a vision of creating a lip balm brand like no other. He looked at every lip care brand on the market and bought them one by one until he had over 200 samples. From petroleum based lip care to natural brands, he packed his samples and went to Iowa to meet Steve.

Jim and Steve spent hours talking about their goal: to create a brand image and an organic formula that would take market share from petroleum based lip balm brands.

Voila! EcoLips was born.

Today EcoLips is handcrafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Their mission: to satisfy the needs of every customer. They are making their way around the set of lips at a time.



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