Leafy Not Beefy:  Eco Lips Review and Giveaway

Leafy Not Beefy: Eco Lips Review and Giveaway

Authored By Eco Lips
Some people are shoe people…they seem to collect shoes… or purses/handbags…they have one for each outfit…or nail polish….well, I think I would have to say my thing is lip balm. I’ve got a ton. A few in a purse, a few in my makeup drawer, a few scattered around here and there, a couple in the car…you get the idea. Sad, but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually even finished a tube of lip balm. But seriously, I probably have about 10 or 12 lip balms. They come in handy! I always have chapped dry lips it seems, so balms are great. Some of them smell/taste good (I know…you don’t eat them, but you know what I mean I hope), some give a tint of color, some are just really moisturizing, and some give the gloss of a lip gloss without the stickiness found in many lip glosses.

So when I was asked to review EcoLips lip balm products, of course I said yes! What you put on your lips actually is able to enter into your blood stream.. that’s a bit shocking, I think. So if you’re using lipsticks full of icky ingredients, and especially lead, you may want to reconsider.

I was sent 4 different balms : Eco Lips Gold { “It’s the gold standard all right. Unflavored for the purist in you, madewiththe finest certified organic golden jojoba oil. USDA Certifid Organic. Naturally high in vitamin E. The ultimate lip moisturizer.”} One World Renew Rejuvenatin Lip Balm in Orange Spice {Turn back the clock with this Moroccan antiaging secret. Argan Oil, rich in essential fatty acids and sterolins, ids in cell-renewal ad fights free radiclas that cotribute to premature aging. With antioxidant-rich vitamin E to improve skin texture.” Fair Trade Certified Cocoa Butter, USDA Organic Certified ingredients. Made with 40% recycled material} Dagoba Chocolate Lavender {“If the cocoa flavor doesn’t calm yo down, the lavender just might. Try this at bedtime as a nightcap for your lips. Your little ones will love it too. Certified organic cocoa powder with a hint of essential oil of lavender and organic blueberry flavor.”} Eco Tints in Mocha Velvet {“Sheer chocolate mineral-tinted lip balm. A gorgeous natural glow to your own lip color. Glide some on and head out for a moon dance.”}

I honestly love them all. I wasn’t sure about the chocolate lavender at first (if Dagoba had a chai, like their chocolate bar, I’d really love it), but after using it, it grew on me, and I do like to wear it before going to bed.

The orange spice is really nice in the larger size (doesn’t hurt that it smells awesome too)

But my favorte is the EcoTints in Mocha Velvet. It doesn’t have a smell or a taste, but it’s moisturizing, and I love the slight color. It just slightly darkens my lips, but without making them redder. I feel like it’s going to be my version of a darker more dressed up lip color instead of wearing lipstick.

I love that EcoLips are passionate about creating lip products that not only work well, but are actually good for you and kind to the environment as well.

I give them 2 thumbs up for sure!

Check out their Facebook Page and Twitter!
*I was sent these for review purposes, but opinions are my own.

You want to win some lip balm goodness? This is what you’ll get:

A lip care kit with the following (flavors will be a surprise)

1 – Dagoba Chocolate Balm
1 – ONE WORLD Balm
1 – Gold Balm
1 – EcoTint Balm
1 – Pure & Simple Balm
1 – Honest Kids Balm
1 – Hemp Balm
1 – Caribeener

That’s a lot of lip balm! Would make nice stocking stuffers!

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