Laughing Lindsay Reviews Eco Lips Products

Laughing Lindsay Reviews Eco Lips Products

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I recently had the opportunity to try Eco Lips natural lip balm. They make lots of natural and organic lip balms! I had no idea how many different kinds they made (or anyone made). Eco Lips has been making lip balms (and only lip balm) for years. So, it’s clear they know what they are doing. They make tons of different kinds and flavors with a price range of $1.99 to $3.95 per stick.

One of the first lip balms I tried from Eco Lips was their Gold one. It is certified USDA Organic and is unflavored. I was excited to try it because I have come across several lip balms that claim this and lie. However, this lip balm is fantastic! It has no real scent and has absolutely no flavor! I really like it! I mean it’s great for after I’ve brushed my teeth (especially before bed) when I don’t want something to taste on my lips.

I was also impressed with their Sun Protection Lip Balm. I received it in Berry, which is a nice light flavor. Plus, it has SPF 15. This is great for summer time trips. I also LOVE the eco clip I received with it. It goes over the lid and has a clip to allow you to carry the balm with you easily! You just clip it to your bag or something and you’re good to go!

They also make a nice EcoTint which has a nice shimmer to it. The colors are really pretty (things like Mocha Velvet, Moonstone, and Sugar Plum). They give your lips a natural color. They are also making Dagoba chocolate lip balms! Yummy chocolate! You can get it with lavender, roseberry, or mint! I bet the mint is awesome!

I have to say the lip balm that surprised me most was the Energy lip balm! I had never thought of putting caffeine and green tea into a lip balm! The theory is that the lips are the most absorbent part of your body, so it’s a good place for it.

Another impressive thing about this company is the Eco Lips Cause Balm program. Charities and non profits can get a lip balm for their organization and Eco Lips will donate a good portion of the sale to the charity! How nice is that?

I’m not even covering all of the lip balms they make in this post, just several of them. They honestly make so many wonderful lip balms. All of the ones I tried left my lips soft and moisturized! So, if you need some lip balm, you should definitely check out Eco Lips lip balm.

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