Kaylin's Kit:  Views of an Eco-friendly Vegan Makeup Artist

Kaylin's Kit: Views of an Eco-friendly Vegan Makeup Artist

Authored By Eco Lips
Review: Eco Lips Dagoba Certified Organic Chocolate Lip Balm
If you're anything like me, you'd love to eat chocolate all day. If it wasn't for the calorie issue, expense, and stomachaches, I'd be hard to separate from this heavenly food. Luckily for us, there are other ways to enjoy chocolate on your lips. Eco Lips partnered with Dagoba chocolate to create a gourmet chocolate lip balm with hints of raspberry.


Perfect texture - not too oily, not too waxy
Wonderful flavor (advertised as edible)
Mild taste if accidentally consumed
Affordable ($3.49)
Comes in a few different flavors
Suitable for those with SPF allergies


Not suitable for strict vegans, as it contains beeswax

I'm a sucker for chocolate, and Eco Lips' Dagoba chocolate lip balm is no exception. Although it contains rose hip oil in addition to the raspberry flavor, it mostly tastes of chocolate raspberry to me. Since Eco Lips has already made a vegan version of their lip balm and Dagoba makes some vegan chocolate, it seems like a vegan Dagoba chocolate would be a great addition to the line in the future.

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