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Authored By Eco Lips
Just Another New Blog Reviews Dagoba Lip Balms and Gives Away Eco Lips!

"I love lip balms, and I love chocolate. Imagine my delight when I found out that someone has found a way to combine these two fabulous things!

Eco Lips, an organic lip balm company, has created a new line of chocolate lip balms based on three flavors from Dagoba’s chocolate bar collection. Made with Dagoba’s certified fair trade, organic cocoa powder, these USDA Certified Organic lips balms contain moisturizing and soothing oils to pamper your lips. The three delicious varieties are:

* Roseberry – with raspberries, rosehips and dark chocolate;

* Mint – with dark chocolate blended with mint oil and rosemary;

* Lavender – with lavender, blueberries and dark chocolate.

All three are creamy, and taste and smell great! They even look like chocolate because the balms are brown. I love all three varieties but my fave is the lavender. Chocolate on my lips but not on my hips? How perfect is that!

Oh, and you know how the lip balm always ends up on the bottom of your purse? All Eco Lips products can be purchased with the Eco Clip carabiner and other accessories that can easily attach the balm to clothing, gear or a travel bag. No more digging around for my lip treats!..."

Read More and Enter To Win Free Eco Lips Lip Balms Here!


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