Juiciest  review and giveaway!

Juiciest review and giveaway!

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Eco Lips Product Review & Giveaway
On 11.10.12 • In Giveaways, Juiciest Beauty and Skincare, Makeup, Product reviews • by Ketty

Having chapped lips is a no no for anyone, plus it doesn’t feel good either. I wear lip balm every day, it feels great and it;s quick. I carry lip balm in my car, handbag, you name it. So you can imagine when I given the opportunity to review Eco Lips I was ecstatic! Eco Lips is an organic lip balm that has so much to offer. The company uses their products to compel an even greater ideal; healthy, active lifestyles and a deep respect for the soil we tread on. This commitment to conscious business practices is evident—from their solar powered, organic manufacturing facility to the charitable ‘Cause Balm Program’ which donates a portion of proceeds to important causes. Eco Lips balms feature nutrient rich, certified organic ingredients that naturally heal and restore the most sensitive and absorbent part of your body—your lips!

Here are some of the Eco lip balms that I was able to review:
Eco Lips Product Review & Giveaway

The Dagoba Chocolate Lip Balms were inspired by the award-winning chocolate bar collection from Dagoba. Made with organic cocoa powder, these edible lip balms offer a tasty treat in three flavors—Lavender, Mint and Roseberry. You can get your chocolate fix while also moisturizing and soothing chapped lips. The Dagoba chocolate mint lip balm was my favorite lip balm. It smelled so good it was like aromatherapy for my lips.
Eco Lips Product Review & Giveaway Eco Lips Product Review & Giveaway

Eco Lips ONE WORLD Balms offer a luscious, handcrafted organic lip balm that fuses Fair Trade Certified Cocoa Butter with USDA Organic Certified ingredients and exotic oils from around the globe. These unique lip care products come in oversized .25 ounce tubes and are made from 40% recycled material. I received the yummy coconut ginger scented lip balm. What I liked the most about the One World line is that it’s made with Tamanu oil, which is really good for your lips, I actually use the Tamanu oil on my skin especially in the winter when it gets dry.

Eco Lips Product Review & Giveaway Eco Lips Product Review & Giveaway

Eco Lips ‘Eco Tints is a natural and organic color-tinted lip balms that provide a beautiful shimmering glow while also protecting the lips from the onset of cold weather. With ingredients like Organic Sunflower and Coconut oil, Eco Tints Lip Balm will keep your lips soft and supple with a pop of chic color all season long. The formula uses 100% naturally occurring mineral pigments, an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to chemical dyes and carmine, a common red dye sourced from beetles. Eco Tints are also free of Lead, Gluten, Lanolin, Petroleum and Hydrogenated Oils. I received the moonstone lip balm which provided a nice sheer but shimmery hint of nude.

Eco Lips Product Review & Giveaway Eco Lips Product Review & Giveaway

Eco Lips Gold Balm offers an unflavored lip care option for people who like plain old good lip balm.made with the finest Certified Organic Golden Baobab Oil. Naturally high in vitamin E, the Gold Balm is the ultimate lip moisturizer. I love this lip balm for children.

Eco Lips has reformulated many of its products in an effort to better support the Fair Trade movement. By increasing the Fair Trade Certified® (FTC) ingredient content in its products, Eco Lips is purchasing more FTC raw materials which promotes and supports ethical business practices. This also increases the availability of FTC products to consumers, increasing awareness and choices, while having a larger impact on the world. To learn more about Eco Lips or to purchase, please visit:

The following products are now Fair Trade Certified. Each of the balms has been reformulated to contain FTC Cocoa Butter.
· Classic line: SPF 15 Berry, SPF 15 Mint, SPF 30 Sport
· Dagoba line: Mint, Roseberry and Lavender
· ONE WORLD line: Renew, Restore and Relax
· Specialty line: Gold, Hemp, Medicinal and Vegan Bee Free
· SPF 30 Face Stick

Now for the fun part, enter to win an Eco Lips Lip Care Kit. The kit will contain the following:

1 – Dagoba Chocolate Balm
1 – ONE WORLD Balm
1 – Gold Balm
1 – EcoTint Balm
1 – Pure & Simple Balm
1 – Honest Kids Balm
1 – Hemp Balm
1 – Caribeener

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