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J's Reviews and Giveaways!

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Eco Lip Balm Review and Giveaway ~?

Does your lips chap easily, or dry out quick? I have the best solution for you!! Eco Lip Balms! They have a huge selection of lip balms and they are all eco-friendly. Yep! You heard right! Eco-friendly lip balms. Going green is on the rise, so why not pamper your lips at the same time while protecting the world?

I got to try a few of their wonderful lip balms, Eco Lips Hemp and Eco Lips Gold from their Premium collection, Eco Lips Coconut from their Pure & Simple collection, and their Honest Kids Tropical Tango Punch co-branded collection. They have alot more collections, you can check out all the different balms at their store. Thay also have Kits and Accessories selection, great for clipping or carring you lip balm anywhere!

The Eco Lips Hemp

I really like this one, the touch of vanilla and hempseed together makes it a pleasent feeling, leaving my lips so soft!

The Eco Lips Gold

I let my mom try this one, Shes one of those people that do funny things with her mouth and tounge when shes thinking,(lol) so her lips are always chapped, She tried it and said she LOVES it, that her lips hasn't felt so smooth in a long time!

The Eco Lips Coconut

I also love this one, unlike my mom, I bite my bottom lip alot, so the coconut flavor taste really great. And its 100% edible so I dont have to worry about all those harmful pesticides.

Honest Kids Tropical Tango Punch

My girls are always my little monkey-see, monkey-do's, so they love to do what mommy does, so I let them use this one. The enjoy it and always (like every 5 minutes) want me to apply it to thier lips. I love that these are all eco-freindly and 100% safe to eat, so I dont have to worry about my one year old and two year old putting those horrible pesticides in their mouth either.

I would definitely recommend this product!

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