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I recently tried out ECO LIPS lip balm…and I must say that I love MINE. In FACT my husband and I have been fighting over them so I have hidden ALL of my ECO LIPS Lip balm so no one else in my family can use them! LOL as you can see when I LOVE something I don’t share so; YES!! I’m a BITCH… your point?

My absolute FAVORITE is the Relax- calming lip balm with Lavender and Lemon. The smell of this chap stick alone is so soothing and calming that I found myself just smelling it for a while last night. It goes on supper smooth; and it’s not sticky. I don’t know about you guys but I used to buy lip balm from Wal-Mart and I would have to make several passes over my lips to get full coverage. NOT with this lip balm one pass on top and once on the bottom and you have full coverage! Plus with this awesome smell of this and the calming effects it provides I recommend to any parent who needs a moment of relaxation but knows it’s just not possible with kids.

I also LOVE the Restore- soothing lip balm made with coconut and ginger. This one is great for cracked lips which I so often get not only during the winter but in this extreme Texas heat. This one will always be in my purse/diaper bag. I think this one is not as good smelling as the relaxing but my husband loves it and this is the one he keeps trying to steal from me…

Both of these come in a 0.25oz (7gram) tube which is twice the size of a normal lip balm. The tubes this chap stick comes in is made from 40% recycled material, so not only are you helping the environment by using recycled material but your helping your lips by putting a natural organic substance on them; because after all your body absorbs everything into your body through your lips, mucus membranes, and skin. The price of these two lip balms are $5.99 online at the ECO LIPS STORE and it is well worth it.

My only complaint is that these are too big to fit in my ECO CLIP. This makes it so I always have easy access to my Lip balm, and it makes it hard for me to lose my lip balms, which is awesome because I lose EVERYTHING!

For those of you who know me well know I do NOT wear makeup I just don’t have the patience or time. However on the occasion I LOVE to get dressed up and wear it. Well ECO LIPS has given me the perfect solution to not only control my dry lips in the Texas heat but also give them some color is a simple everyday use. How you ask? With their, ECO TINTS TINTED LIP CARE. These come in many different colors, I myself use the SUGAR PLUM and my hubby is soooo excited that my lips finally have some color to them! My favorite thing about the Sugar Plum Tinted Lip care is that I can use it with the ECO CLIP, and it takes seconds to put on, and no mirror is needed and it has just a hint of sparkle to it.
These Tinted lip balms come in the 0.15 oz (4.25gram) tubes so they are the normal lip balm size. These tints are $4.49 online at the ECO LIPS STORE


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